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14.04.2012 | 15:25
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Questus Global Capital Market, Ltd.: Questus Global Capital Market, Ltd. : Questus Global Capital Market Ltd, has been able to secure transactions with series of Companies

Questus Global Capital Market Ltd, has been able to secure transactions with series of Companies for their funding through issuance of stock and in return they will be paying 10% of their Net Profit or Libor plus one whichever is greater on a yearly basis, below are the companies and they are in various sectors which makes (QGCM) so exciting. Questus Stock will be paying out in Year 2021 a 150% dividend to all its share holders and over and above that the pass through dividend on yearly basis through ventures below,

AA Agri Industries Ltd is pleased to be in partnership with Questus Global Capital Markets, representing the firm's reach into the Agriculture industry.  AA Agri Industries is currently in its expansion stage and is positioned to become the leading Rice Producer and Exporter in Guyana and the Caribbean.  Our mission is to offer top quality rice products at affordable prices for both the local and international markets. Our vision is to create jobs and build self-sufficient communities for the skilled, yet affordable, labor force in Guyana by utilizing it main product, rice, which is currently in worldwide demand. 

Accordingly to the latest reports, growth in Rice production has been slower than the population growth, especially in Asia where the most rice is consumed.  It is projected that rice production will need to increase by 30% by 2025 in order to sustain those in countries where rice is a primary part of their overall diet. AA Agri Industries has already secured markets in several Caribbean countries will potential to expand into Asia & Europe by 2014.

Given our partnership with Questus Global Capital Markets, we are positioned to raise all the capital needed to facilitate our complete expansion phase and well as other projects internationally.  We offer our investors Shares of stocks (QGCM) that are front-loaded with Senior Life Settlement Policies in a Zero - Coupon Structure, guaranteeing a master dividend of the issued price of 150% in 2021. Investors will not only receive the Shares electronically into their account but also will receive the Senior Life Settlement Insurance policies with a face value of 150% of the issued price of the shares as their collateral.  These policies are all from A+ rated carriers and their premium payments are set aside in a bankruptcy remote bank trustee account.  These shares can be summarily reinvested at the end of the first coupon period for another 10 Years.  Master Dividends are further enhanced by 10% of the project's net profits. We welcome investors, hedge funds, pension funds and lenders who may be interested in using our Shares linked with SLS policies as collateral for a loan to our company or buyers of zero-coupon structures who are looking for stability and security in their investment portfolio. Please visit our website at www.aaagriindustries.com (http://www.aaagriindustries.com/) for more information.  Interested Investors can reach us at (561) 779-5437 or email us at info@aaagriindustries.com (mailto:info@aaagriindustries.com)

Questus Global Capital Market Ltd (QGCM) is very pleased to announce that it has contracted with Gemini Group to pursue some tremendous growth opportunities in the Hotel Real Estate Sector.  QGCM/Gemini Group in planning to make the first of several Hotel Real Estate acquisitions in the South Florida Market of the Unites States. The South Florida Hotel Real Estate Market has recently shown a strong growth in occupancy rates and has seen revenues rise in the past two years. QGCM/Gemini Group is excited to be entering this prime area at a very opportune moment in time when our acquisition costs are still relatively low. Please refer to our Prospectus for a detailed description of our investment. Please feel free to contact: Alex Barta Gemini Group 514-991-2272 geminigrouppr@gmail.com (mailto:geminigrouppr@gmail.com)

QGCM is pleased to introduce iGlobal Brand, LLC; it's only multi-channel mobile media participant! Headquartered in the United States, iGlobal Brand LLC is the flagship company of The iGlobal Group; a cutting edge multi-channel mobile media solutions provider to Fortune 500 brand manufacturers.  "First to market" and strategically positioned to mobilize brands worldwide; iGlobal  utilizes a patent pending IT process scaling within the iGlobal Cloud and  protected by Red Hat Apache'.  Driven by over 112 years of collective management expertise; iGlobal combines new and traditional media and a proprietary C Suite sales process; thus positioning client companies to: create new markets, move inventory, increase cash, reduce cost, quantify ROI and drive earnings. " With 48% of Global CEO's asking for mobile solutions and budgets allocated without execution, as well as the mobile surge forecasted for 2016; iGlobal is far ahead the curve and our market timing could not be more perfect " said iGlobal's founder and CEO Patrice King. "Our participation with QGCM enables iGlobal to secure the appropriate capital to protect our market position for years to come and provide strong returns to our QGCM stockholders"  she said iGlobal's strategic relationships with Red Hat,  Cisco Systems, IBM, HP and AT&T  coupled with Intellectual Capital attained from decades of executive level global experience;  will create new paradigms in distribution cycles and supply chain management while motivating worldwide fans to support  client brands and participate in exciting and innovative engagement cycles. " It's really quite simple, iGlobal puts the brand in the fan's hand"  Ms. King concluded. Patrice King CEO phone: 404-831-2841 email: iglobal.patrice@gmail.com (mailto:iglobal.patrice@gmail.com) www.iglobal.intro.com (http://www.iglobal.intro.com/)

Priority Partners International, Ltd is proud to announce that its first of three major Developments in the Southeastern United States, a complete renovation of a classic historic office building, has been selected to be placed on the National Historic Register. This will qualify the 150,000 square foot office building for both Historic and New Market Equity infusions through various Government and Private Resources. The project may qualify for as much as 30 % of the total cost to be paid for by the Historic Credits. Without this funding, the building could not be brought back to life due to the extent of repair on the very large limestone fascia of the outer skin and the detailed carvings and moulding both on the exterior and interior of the building.The project is scheduled to begin construction in July of this year and completed prior to year end 2013. When completed, the $30 million project will be home to 500 new white collar jobs in an urban environment of one of the major well know International Cities of the Carolinas. President Mr. Arthur Cleveland Email Address: cleveland.arthur@gmail.com (mailto:cleveland.arthur@gmail.com)

EuroDirect Holdings, LTD (EDH) is proud to announce its partnership with Questus Global Capital Market, LTD (QGCM). EuroDirect Holdings, LTD (EDH), a large shareholder in Questus Global Capital Market, LTD (QGCM) is excited to announce that QGCM is now trading on the GXG-UK Exchange.  Further positive news about QGCM is expected very soon. EDH is excited about the listing of QGCM and the opportunities for further capital expansion from its partnership with QGCM and its holdings of QGCM stock.  EDH is currently providing funding to start up companies and companies expanding in the sectors of alternative energy, maritime shipping, transportation, aviation, bridge lending and pharmaceuticals.

Jack Smith Managing Principal Lighthouse Capital Development LLC 822 A1A North, Suite 310 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 904-371-3712 main 888-819-3821 fax 904-687-9903 cell  jack@lighthousecapitaldevelopment.com (mailto:jack@lighthousecapitaldevelopment.com)      www.lighthousecapitaldevelopment.com (http://www.lighthousecapitaldevelopment.com/)

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