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20.06.2017 | 11:06
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LONDON, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

WHERE was released on 1st June and has already had over 600 downloads. The first app of its kind to show a heat map of activity across London categorised in terms of people who are Socialising, Watching Sports or Playing Sports. The app was created by three friends who were constantly faced with the same unanswered question:

"Where are the people like us, doing the things we like to do, right now?"

(Photo: http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/524247/WHERE_Socialising.jpg )

From apps that allow users to store all their passwords in one place, to fitness trackers, to those all-important photo grids that make photos look 1,000 times slicker, there are a lot of great apps out there. Amongst all these weird and wonderful creations, therestill wasn't an app to show users where people like them were hanging out exactly when they needed to know. After two years of market research, focus groups and product development, it was clear there was a gap in the market for a real time heat map of activity.

What isWHERE used for

1. Socialising - To see what's going on, where is buzzing nearby and what the vibe is like based on the people there right now

2. Playing Sport - Users who fancy a kickabout when their mates are busy or looking for team replacements, as well as those who would rather be a 'fill-in' than commit to one particular team, can all see who's around to play either now or later

3. Watching Sport - When unsure which pub to choose to watch the game or looking to find fellow supporters


WHERE is a giant word-of-mouth platform for people (rather than venues and businesses) to shout about what they're up to, whether they are socialising, playing or watching sports or anything else they're currently doing, either just to show off or to encourage other people to join in, depending on the activity and vibe. It's a heat-map of people doing and rating things/places right now.

Whether you're at a great venue and the vibe is: buzzing/ chic/ chilled etc or you're playing Sports and the vibe is: competitive spirit/ zero skill required/ looking for new team members there is something for everyone.

WHERE will never be an app for companies to advertise to our users but rather for individuals to promote themselves and also the social or sporting companies they support, if they so wish. WHERE is also not another friend-finding or dating app. This is an app which generates 'real-time' feedback from the people, for the people and will therefore be the most real, accurate and time-relevant way to find out where is best to go based on who's there right now and their statuses.

Key Features

  • See anyone in a given location at any time
  • Map can be filtered by activity (Socialising/Playing Sports/Watching Sports) or a particular area of London e.g. Clapham
  • Unique technology that allows users to see multiple people and places at a given location
  • Ability to see who has been at a given location in the past and see any comments they may have made
  • Once an activity has been created users are then able to use the status box to share extra information eg. requesting fill ins for a sports game/ a clickable link to promote their business/ fitness boot camp or event
  • Ability to see what the vibe/feel of a place is like based on the people who are there or have been there in the past week


On socials: @thisiswhereUK

WHERE by Zone App Limited has raised over £500K in funding from angel investors overtwo years.

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