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14.09.2017 | 09:59
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DUBAI, UAE, September 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The new drivers can be applied to Swing door system for 2-leaf systems and mechanical door closer on fire protection doors

GEZE, the global leading player in building technologies has announced the latest driver model that will be added to the GEZE Powerturn range of drivers. The Powerturn F has been designed for special situations such as double-leaf, asymmetrical swing doors with partial automation. The existing models within the range, namely, the GEZE Powerturn IS/TS is a double-leaf system with the GEZE Powerturn swing door drive on the active leaf and a GEZE TS 5000 L or GEZE TS 4000 mechanical door closer on the passive leaf.

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This combination brings a new interpretation to the strengths of the Powerturn swing door drive. This brings advantages for areas where mainly the active leaf is used, e.g. in schools or hospitals. Since the drive design is not interrupted, the entire door system produces harmonious results, both in terms of function and appearance. The Powerturn F/R-IS/TS version for hold-open systems combines innovative technology and design since the smoke control unit is invisibly integrated into the cover. Inadequate individual combinations will become completely redundant in the future. The swing door system will be offered for the installation types 'transom installation pushing with link arm' or 'transom installation pulling with roller guide rail'.

GEZE Powerturn offers various applications for the active leaf. For example, doors with a leaf weight of up to 600 kg and a leaf width of 930 mm or a leaf weight of 210 kg and a leaf width of 1,600 mm can be moved automatically without problem - including on fire protection doors.

The advantages at a glance:

• Perfect for use on asymmetrical doors

• Minimum leaf widths of up to 470 mm on the passive leaf can be achieved

• Low overall height of just 7 cm

• Attractive overall look by integration of Powerturn, door closer, mechanism for integrated closing sequence control, and where necessary smoke switch, beneath a universal cover

• Integrated closing sequence control for controlled closing:

- In the event of a fire

- If both leaves are opened

- If the passive leaf is opened

• Practically-focused version when mainly the active leaf is moved

• Innovative Smart swing function for easy manual passing on the active leaf

Convenient accessibility, high function variety, easy installation, maximum possible creative freedom and excellent design are the strengths of the GEZE Powerturn. It opens even large and heavy doors easily and safely, whether at prestigious entrance doors or in internal applications. The Smart swing function facilitates manual opening without effort. With its discreet design and an overall height of only seven centimeters the GEZE Powerturn blends in with any installation situation, offering great creative freedom. It moves the active leaf with weights up to 600 kilograms. The passive leaf is fitted with a door closer from the GEZE TS 4000 or GEZE TS 5000 L series.

Full flexibility in use

The combination of swing door drive and door closer is an attractive option for double-leaf doors where mainly the active leaf is opened automatically for added convenience and the passive leaf is opened only if necessary. This duo can also be used on asymmetrical doors. The closing sequence control required for use on fire protection doors is also located in the drive housing. It guarantees that both door leaves are closed again correctly after access, e.g. by fleeing persons in the case of danger.

Creative freedom for customised design

The complete door system produces harmonious results, both in terms of function and appearance. With an overall height of just seven centimeters, the GEZE Powerturn can be adapted to almost any installation situation. The Powerturn F/R-IS/TS version for hold open systems combines innovative technology and design since the smoke control unit is invisibly integrated into the cover. The complete door system will be offered for the installation types 'transom installation pushing with link arm' or 'transom installation pulling with roller guide rail'.

A wide variety of installations - easy and intelligent

The clever GEZE installation system ensures straightforward, strength-saving and safe installation of the Powerturn. The mains connection of the drive can be easily connected via the mounting plate. The drive only has to be inserted into the mounting plate, moved into place and secured. All plug areas and connections are easily accessible from the front. The Powerturn can also be operated and maintained without removing the drive cover. Thanks to a manual teaching run the commissioning happens in the shortest period of time possible.

The door closer can also be easily commissioned via the closing force adjustable from the front, as can the closing speed, back check and latching action when it has been installed. The closing force set can easily be checked thanks to the visual size indicator. The GEZE Powerturn IS/TS uses the tried and tested Powerturn mechanism for integrated closing sequence control so that installation of the closing sequence control is progressed via a familiar system.

For more information, please visit http://www.geze.ae


The GEZE brand stands for innovation and premium quality products, processes and services. GEZE is one of the leaders on the market and is a reliable partner worldwide for door, window and safety technology products and systems. No matter what the requirements of the building are - GEZE realises optimum solutions and combines functionality and security with comfort and design. GEZE door closers open up numerous technical and visual options. Every day millions of people go through doors equipped with the overhead door closers from the TS 5000 series and enjoy the barrier-free convenience of automatic door systems, e.g. the Slimdrive and Powerturn lines. The integrated all-glass design systems are pure aesthetics. GEZE also has a wide product range for window and ventilation technology. Complete 'intelligent' smoke and heat exhaust solutions (RWA) and a comprehensive selection of door systems for RWA air supply solutions are also available for preventative fire protection. GEZE's safety technology includes escape and rescue route solutions, lock technology and access control systems. With system expertise, GEZE creates coordinated system solutions that combine individual functions and security requirements in one intelligent system. The latest innovations are a new building automation system and interface modules for integrating GEZE products into networking solutions which turn buildings into Smart Buildings. GEZE product solutions have received numerous awards and can be found in renowned structures all over the world. The company is represented by 31 subsidiaries, 27 of which are abroad, a flexible and highly efficient distribution and service network and almost 2,800 employees worldwide and generated revenues of over 394 million Euros in the 2015/2016 business year. http://www.geze.com/

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