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21.03.2017 | 12:21
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DUBAI, UAE, March 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The healthcare sector within the GCC is expected to register strong growth in the coming years. Infrastructure and healthcare facilities is therefore a key component when it comes to the development of GCC's healthcare sector. A fast growing population, increase in medical tourism and government led initiatives to provide mandatory insurance and healthcare services through state-of-the-art medical facilities are the key factors driving the growth within the healthcare sector.

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GEZE provides innovative doors and window solutions where smart building management systems are being used. They are setting the standards of tomorrow with the company's extensive experience and the fact that their product lines undergo continuous further development past the extensive research phase. The main focus is on the sustainable and economical use of technology, taking the necessary functionality and ever-changing legislation into account. Additional regulations that apply to specific structures, as is the case of health care structures that require the utmost precision when it comes to attention to detail and design, such as ensuring that passage ways and access routes are barrier-free. However, the buildings have many other areas that are accessible to both patients and visitors. GEZE provides universal solutions for every specific door, window and security system requirements.

"GEZE offers particular and in-depth specifications when it comes to special requirements on the construction projects within the GCC's healthcare sector. This includes the construction of new medical & research centers and hospital facilities and the expansion of existing hospital facilities to meet the rising demand of mega healthcare construction projects in the region." commented Charles Constantin, Managing Director of GEZE Middle East.

System solutions for the main entrance areas

Hospital entrance areas are heavily used by visitors and often patients using walking aid. GEZE provides solutions for this area that are durable and extremely safe. Sliding doors equipped with GEZE's ECdrive are uncompromisingly reliable. The friction that occurs during opening and closing is minimized by self-cleaning roller carriages. This allows the doors to move quietly and reduces the cost of maintenance. GEZE's Slimdrive drive is available for facades and areas in which design is a main priority.

Quiet and safe for patients

The extremely quiet drives for swing doors and sliding doors are used in patient areas - such as the electromechanical EMD drive. This swing door drive, which is unique due to its extremely low overall height of just 7 cm, is versatile and can therefore be flexibly used for any door.

The swing doors can be actuated manually or by using buttons or radar. GEZE provides an extremely airtight solution for operating theatres with the Powerdrive HT. Quick opening so that no time is lost in emergencies and complete door closure to maintain hygiene in the room are both guaranteed.

Intuitive use

Door equipment has to be inconspicuous and reliable at the same time. GEZE equipment is also simple to operate: The changeover from daytime to night-time operation, the securing of automatic doors for cleaning and keeping them open for long periods is quickly learned and explained in a comprehensible way.

Versatile and flexible

Hospitals, old age homes and clinics have to be designed with special consideration for the patients and visitors. The challenge to the building management system is to adapt to the respective room concept. The GEZE design can be used in the entire building beyond the range of door closers. Some of the other functionalities of GEZE's door automation and design can be installed for the use of emergency exits, secure closing of room doors, partitions, extracting smoke and heat as well as window ventilation functions.

Functionality and design

Patients and visitors should feel good in the entire building hence common areas in a healthcare facility plays an integral part on the recovery process. It has to be protected from external factors such as extreme weather conditions and noise, and be inviting and spacious at the same time. In addition to all-glass door systems, GEZE also provides manual partition systems with which the room design can be adapted to specific requirements. This means that the size of the room can be conveniently changed, or an enclosed area can be converted into a barrier-free zone.

Safety throughout the building

Like all large building complexes, hospitals also have areas that are not accessible to patients and visitors but are purposed solely to be used in case of an emergency. Special demands are made of the doors in these areas: Authorized persons may use the doors, which are otherwise locked, but in the event of an emergency they are programed to automatically open to allow for a safe exit from the building. However these doors are also programmed to transmit a signal in the event of unauthorized entry.

Over the past year, GEZE was appointed to fit out Mafraq Hospital Abu Dhabi, Emirates Hospital Dubai, Citywalk Clinic Dubai, Al Jaber Hospital Kuwait, AL Sabah Hospital Kuwait, IMC Hospital KSA amoung several others in the GCC.

For more information, please visit http://www.geze.com


The GEZE brand stands for innovation and premium quality products, processes and services. GEZE is one of the leaders on the market and is a reliable partner worldwide for door, window and safety technology products and systems. No matter what the requirements of the building are - GEZE realises optimum solutions and combines functionality and security with comfort and design. GEZE door closers open up numerous technical and visual options. Every day millions of people go through doors equipped with the overhead door closers from the TS 5000 series and enjoy the barrier-free convenience of automatic door systems, e.g. the Slimdrive and Powerturn lines. The integrated all-glass design systems are pure aesthetics. GEZE also has a wide product range for window and ventilation technology. Complete "intelligent" smoke and heat exhaust solutions (RWA) and a comprehensive selection of door systems for RWA air supply solutions are also available for preventative fire protection. GEZE's safety technology includes escape and rescue route solutions, lock technology and access control systems. With system expertise, GEZE creates coordinated system solutions that combine individual functions and security requirements in one intelligent system. The latest innovations are a new building automation system and interface modules for integrating GEZE products into networking solutions which turn buildings into Smart Buildings. GEZE product solutions have received numerous awards and can be found in renowned structures all over the world. The company is represented by 31 subsidiaries, 27 of which are abroad, a flexible and highly efficient distribution and service network and almost 2,800 employees worldwide and generated revenues of over 394 million Euros in the 2015/2016 business year. http://www.geze.com

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