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Passende Knock-Outs zu Ihrer Suchanfrage (Anzeige)
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17.07.2017 | 20:45
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PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2017 / One million people making $500 every month: that's the new mission of Trunited™, the exclusive platform for a new brand of business called Socialized Commerce that rewards consumers for their role in online purchases. It's a mission Trunited's loyal network of free members, called the Trunited Nation, is already growing at a rapid pace.

The concept is simple. Trunited acts as a platform that connects products and companies to a built-in network of engaged and motivated consumers. In return, those companies provide money back to the network of consumers for each transaction. That money is collected through an affiliate partnership with Globally Recognized Brands like Walmart™ and Target™ to Direct to Consumer Platform grown brands like Puracy™, Vengo™ Energy, Healthy Vida™ Vitamins and Ciela™ Skincare. When a customer purchases something on the Trunited platform which has millions of direct and affiliate linked products, these companies pay back a commission to Trunited which is shared 100% with the platform membership through the creation of a common payout pool, designed by Founder Dr. Nicolas Porter, and distributed at the end of the month to everyone involved at a rate equal to their contribution to the community payout pool.

Customers are given a plethora of options designed to make the transition to Trunited as seamless as possible. Instead of being pressured to buy more products and goods, Trunited members are incentivized to redirect their normal spending on monthly essentials through the platform to earn money back. "The only thing we ask our free members to bring to the table is their buying power," says Dr. Porter, who is the founder of the company and developer of Trunited's proprietary algorithm that makes it all possible.

Trunited has relationships with a "who's who" of Globally Recognized Brands ranging from Walmart™ to Microsoft™ to Home Depot™, as well as gift cards from many of the nation's best known department stores, online retailers, restaurants and more. "The TruMarket Store" offers daily consumable products at prices equal to or lower than what customers find in their community grocery store or super market and that's before the earn back program one receives by simply shopping in the platform and earning points - points that, based on the success of the company, pay each member between $3 and $4 per 10 points when the month ends.

"The value of a point is expected to climb, but it's completely up to us, who are working together...I love that part," Dr. Porter shares after thoughtful reflection.

As a bonus, many Direct to Consumer brands who have exploded on to the e-commerce market on the biggest platforms in the world have brought their success to the Trunited.com Marketplace. They have pre-negotiated deals that promise to contribute a portion of each sale back to the members who have demonstrated their loyalty to the brands with their wallet and buying power.

"We ask a simple question to brands," Dr. Porter shares. "That is, how much are you willing to pay us for consuming your product?"

According to Dr. Porter, the brands often ask "How much will we pay you?" in disbelief. After explaining the purpose behind the question, the brand owners often realize it's the best question they can be asked. "After all, most companies are willing to pay you to refer your friends to their company, so why not compensate the buyer. This is the opportunity Trunited is creating, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

"When the brand or company realizes that Trunited pays 100% of the commissions back to the members who created that business after paying its modest expenses, they understand the power of what Trunited can do for them." Porter sums it up by saying, "We are advocates of creating brand loyalty for these companies and when they understand that, the flood gates open up."

Most arrangements, depending on the company's margins, range from 2 to 25% for Global Brands and 20 to 70% for Direct to Consumer Brands. There are reasons for the drastic difference.

Global Brands are globally known because they market their products and services with billions and forge relationships with big box stores who demand wholesale costs that reduce margins tremendously. Direct to Consumer brands usually don't have this overhead. In many cases, they don't have a warehouse operation or fulfillment center and utilize Trunited's built-in logistics and proprietary program called The TruBox Club to provide warehousing and fulfillment services. The TruBox is a multi-brand consolidated box that ships monthly consumables to members who wish to add an extra 10% to their earn-back potential.

"The Trubox Club puts a dozen brands and growing together in one box and while the members have total control of what gets shipped to them by an email notification system 5 days in advance, the Trubox service Delivers the Products You Need Today, Yesterday™," Dr. Porter exclaims.

He continues to explain the importance of preventing the last-minute dash to the store to pick up something you've run out of at home. "This results in buying things that you aren't getting paid back for and, usually, you're going to pay a higher price." A great majority of the active Trunited members opt to use the TruBox Service after a few months of using the platform because it pays them back more, delivers for free to their doorstep and they get their products before they need them.

Trunited is free to join and it takes 60 seconds to put in a name and email, start shopping and earn. Trunited has grown organically without any advertising since its proof of concept launch in September 2016 and its official launch on New Year's Day 2017. Year to date, Trunited has paid out over $300,000 to the members who are creating the traffic and commerce to the Affiliated Brands. In fact, the platform also has a built-in algorithm which provides a "Lifetime" point match program for anybody a member refers to the platform.

"The best way to help 1,000,000 Households earn $500/month or more is to provide a vehicle that makes sense. A few things go in to that," Porter explains. "Number one, it can't cost anything to join. Number two, you must provide products and services to people that they normally use and consume at prices people are used to. And three, you can't have crazy gimmicks and complex 'gotcha' tactics that quickly and easily turn off the consumer. If a business is good, it should grow like Facebook or Amazon or any other big booming company we are seeing create a new standard."

Dr. Porter is a known innovator, with this being his second highly successful start-up. He founded a healthcare company that he still owns today called Risas Dental. Founded in late 2011, Risas operates in 2 cities with 17 offices and plans to expand to multiple states and cities as the $250,000,000+ value company continues to change the way dentistry is delivered to patients.

With Trunited, the plan is the same. Innovate, change the way people view an industry and work tirelessly until the popcorn comes to a slow pop - a metaphor that Dr. Porter often uses when describing the importance of a Founder to stay involved in the little details when the popcorn is popping fast. "You must fight the feeling of handing things off until you get things right. It takes hard work, patience and more focus than most people have the capacity to give."

"We're in this to change lives for the better," Dr. Porter adds, and then smiles. "And I'm interested in changing as many lives as possible. Shoot for the stars and reach the moon. We're shooting for a million homes to make impactful and life-changing income. I know first-hand. $500 extra per month would have changed our family dynamic growing up."

Contact Trunited:

To learn more and join for free, visit www.Trunited.com.

SOURCE: Trunited