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DUBLIN, October 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

The "Insulation - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

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The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Insulation in US$ by the following Product Segments and End-Use Applications:

Product Segments

  • Foamed Plastics
  • Fiberglass
  • Mineral Wood
  • Others

End-Use Applications

  • Non-Residential
  • Residential
  • Others

The report profiles 123 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • 3M Company (USA)
  • Armacell International S.A. (Luxembourg)
  • Aspen Aerogels, Inc. (USA)
  • BASF SE (Germany)
  • BNZ Materials, Inc. (USA)
  • Evonik Industries AG (Germany)
  • Flachshaus GmbH (Germany)
  • Fletcher Insulation (Australia)
  • Flumroc AG (Switzerland)
  • G+H Isolierung GmbH (Germany)
  • GAF (USA)
  • Huntsman Corporation (USA)
  • Icynene Inc. (Canada)
  • Insulcon Group (Belgium)
  • Johns Manville (USA)
  • Knauf Insulation Holding GmbH (Germany)
  • Knauf Insulation Ltd. (UK)
  • LG Hausys, Ltd. (South Korea)
  • L'Isolante K-Flex S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Masterplast Group International (Hungary)
  • Rockwool International A/S (Denmark)
  • Rockwool Ltd. (UK)
  • Rockwool Manufacturing Company (USA)
  • Roxul, Inc. (Canada)
  • Saint-Gobain (France)
  • CertainTeed Corporation (USA)
  • Glava A/S (Norway)
  • Superglass Insulation Ltd. (UK)
  • The Lindner Group (Germany)
  • Dow Building Solutions (USA)
  • Thermafiber, Inc. (USA)
  • Unifrax LLC (USA)
  • URSA Insulation, S.A (Spain)
  • USG Boral (Malaysia)
  • Xtratherm Limited (Ireland)

Key Topics Covered:

Insulation: Starting Point for Preventing Energy Loss, Raising Energy Efficiency and Solving Climate Challenges
Growth Drivers for the Insulation Market: On a Scale 1(10 - High Impact; 1 - Low Impact)
Growth Dampeners for the Insulation Market: On a Scale 1 (10 - High Impact; 1 - Low Impact)
Growth Drivers in a Nutshell
Key Opportunities and Challenges Summarized
Myriad Benefits of Insulation Drives Widespread Adoption
Increased Energy Efficiency
Preventing Moisture Condensation
Reduction in Size and Capacity of New Machineries
Improvement in Process Performance
Protecting the Environment through Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Protection and Safety of Personnel
Protection against Outbreak of Fire
Reduction in Noise Levels
Use of Insulation for Controlling Noise Levels
Optimization of ROI
Enhanced Appearance
Spiraling Electricity Appetite from Ballooning Global Population and the Resulting Need for Energy Efficiency: The Fundamental Growth Driver
Global Market Outlook
The US & Europe: Steady Growth Projected for the Matured Markets
Developing Countries Spearhead Current and Future Market Growth
Insulation for Improving Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries

Owens Corning: Leading Glass Fiber Insulation Company Worldwide
BASF: Leading Spray Foam Insulation Company Worldwide
Insulation Marketplace Witness Surge in M&A Activity
Select Mergers & Acquisitions in the Global Insulation Market (2014-2017): Brief Details of Year, Acquiring Company, Acquired Company, and Other Particulars
End-Users to Benefit from Changing Market Dynamics in Industrial Thermal Insulation
Insulation Manufacturers Face Shortage of Talent
Manufacturers Benefit from Expanding Scope of Applications in Non-Core Sectors
Manufacturers in Developed Countries Move Production Base to Developing Markets

Focus on Making Homes Highly Energy Efficient Drives Demand in the Largest Application Area of Residential Buildings
Passive House Standards: The Future of Building Insulation
Energy Conservation Regulations and Green House Gas Emission Reduction Targets: Opportunities Galore in the Building Sector
Demand for Roof Insulation Driven by Climate Change and Increase in Global Temperatures
Positive Outlook for the Global Construction Offers Growth Opportunities
Building Renovations & Remodeling: A Key Revenue Contributor
Rising Investments in Infrastructure Projects Strengthens Market Prospects
The Critical Nature of Insulation in Safeguarding System Performance Drives Demand in Industrial Applications
Insulating Hot Pipes for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety
Maintain Desirable Temperature
Handling Temperature-Sensitive Tanks
Blankets for Equipment Insulation
Prevent Noise Pollution
Protecting Cooling Ducts from Radiant Heat
Protecting Sensitive Electronics
Safeguarding Metal Structures
Superior Attributes of High Temperature Insulation Materials Drive Adoption in Various Temperature Intensive Applications
The Energy Efficiency Attribute of HTI Drives Market Gains
End-users Switch from Synthetic RCF to Bio-based Insulation Materials
Temperature Resistant Properties of High-Temperature Insulation Wools Spur Demand
Growing Demand for High Temperature Insulation in Oil and Gas Production
Other Important Application Sectors for High Temperature Insulation
Power Generation
Industrial Furnaces
Steel and Aluminum Processing
Automotive Industry
Aerospace and Defense
Stringent Environmental Regulations Foster Growth Opportunities
Natural Insulation Products: A Market Niche in the Making
Demand from Basic as well as High-tech Industries Drive Faster Market Growth for Fiberglass
LNG Conversion Plants and HVAC Applications Spur Strong Demand
Key Dampeners for Widespread Adoption of Fiberglass Insulation
Emergence of Eco-friendly Alternatives
Risks Associated With Fiberglass Use
Competition from Substitutes
Spray Foam Insulation (SPF): One of the Fastest Growing Foamed Plastic Segments
The United States: Largest SPF Producing Country Worldwide
European Spray Foam Market Offer Significant Potential
Spray Foam Building Insulation Market in China: In a State of Despair
Spray Foam Market in South America: Low Energy Prices Play Spoilsport
One-Component Spray Polyurethane Foams Experience Demand Growth
Growing Popularity of Advanced Insulation Materials Benefit Market Expansion
Aerogels for Multifunctional Insulation Materials
Aerogels Usage in Industrial Thermal Insulation Hindered by High Production Costs
Increasing Aircraft Deliveries and Prominence of Lightweight Insulation Materials Drive Demand in the Aerospace Sector
Robust Power Generation Activity Fuels Demand for Insulation
Insulation Coatings for Solar Power Plants
Planned Insulation during Construction Phase Crucial for Oil and Gas Plants
Rising Prominence of Low Temperature/Cold Insulation in the Food Cold Chain
Growing Prominence of Worker Safety, Healthy Indoor Environment, and Sustainability Augurs Well for Mechanical Insulation
Mechanical Insulation: Challenges and Opportunities
Efficiency in Addressing Thermal Issues, Filtration Challenges, and Noise Reduction Drive Demand in Automobiles Manufacturing
Growing Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles Production: Important Opportunity Indicators
Non-Wovens Rapidly Gain Traction in Automotive Insulation Applications
Spray-on Thermal Insulation Coatings Suitable for Heavy Duty Vehicles
Cellulose Offers Huge Untapped Market Potential
Usage of Recycled Raw Materials in Insulation Products Surges
Recycled Consumer Glass in Production of Glass Wool
Vacuum Thermal Insulation Gains Ground in Industrial Applications, Bodes Well for the Market
Superior Thermal Performance Spurs Demand for Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs)
VIPs for Enhanced Thermal Insulation
Key Challenges
Exponential Increase in Global Urban Population: A Major Growth Driver Boosting Market Demand
Increasing Focus on Machine Condition Monitoring Fuels Replacement Demand

Innovative Bio-based Insulation Materials for the Construction Industry
Select Innovative Industrial Insulation Solutions
Reflective Insulation in Cooling Ducts Application
Acoustic Insulation Inhibits Noise Pollution at Industrial Sites
Fiberglass and Reflective Insulation for Metal Buildings
proEnergyTec Thermal Insulation Technology
The OSIRYS and VIP4ALL Projects
eShield: A Revolutionary Home Insulation Product
HP Wall Systems from BASF
SL80/80 from NanaWall Systems
Innovative Materials Transform the Insulation Landscape
Calostat Thermal Insulation Board
ContiTech Develops Conti Thermo-Protect, a New Insulation Material for Complex Piping Systems
Gas-Filled Panels
Advanced Polyurethane Insulation for Appliances from Dow

Different Types of Insulation
Classification of Materials Used for Insulation
Foamed Plastics
Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Extruded Polyethylene (XPE)
Polyurethane Foam (PUR)
Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR)
Phenolic Foams
Fiberglass/Glass Fiber
Mineral Wool
Cellulose insulation
Natural Fiber Insulations
Classification by Market Segments
Building Insulation (Residential and Non-Residential Buildings)
Role of Insulation in Noise Control in Commercial Buildings
Building Insulation Product Forms
Structured Insulated Panels
Types of Structural Integrated Panel
Advantages of Structural Integrated Panels
Sprayed Foam
Insulated Concrete Blocks (Concrete Insulation)
Benefits of Insulated Concrete Masonry Unit
Blanket Batts and Rolls
Foam Board Insulation
Blown-In and Loose-Fill Insulation
Reflective Insulation
Fiber Insulation
Industrial Insulation
Types of insulation for industrial processes
Pipe Insulations
Board Insulation
Blanket Insulation
Duct Insulation
Duct Liners
Fire Protective Coatings
Insulation using Sealants
Insulation Product Forms for Industrial Facilities
Rock Wool Blanket Insulations
Rock Wool Pipe Insulations
Fiber Glass Board and Blanket Insulations
Fiber Glass Pipe Insulation
Benefits of Insulation in Industrial Facilities
HVAC Insulation
OEM Insulation

Icynene Launches Closed-cell Spray Foam Insulation Product
Johns Manville to Launch Water-Resistant Insulation Product
BASF Unveils Eco-Friendly Spray Foam Insulation Product
Polartec Introduces Synthetic Insulation Product
Demilec Introduces New Air Barrier & Spray Foam Insulation
Dow Introduces Low-Pressure Premium Foam Insulation
Owens Corning Launches Mineral Wool Insulation Solutions
Recticel Introduces Higher-Insulation Foam Solutions
URSA Introduces Blow-in Mineral Wool Insulation Products
Autins Group Introduces Insulation Materials for Aerospace Applications
PrimaLoft Launches High-Performance Insulation Systems
LafargeHolcim Introduces Mineral Insulation
Kingspan Unveils Range of Rigid Thermoset Insulation
Primaloft Introduces Primaloft Gold Insulation Eco
Dow Building Solutions Introduces Extruded Polystyrene Roofing Insulation

Owens Corning Takes Over Pittsburgh Corning
Saint-Gobain to Take Over Glava A/S
Recticel to Invest in Greenfield Manufacturing Plant in Finland
TopBuild Takes Over Canyon Insulation
ROCKWOOL to Construct Production Plant in West Virginia
PPG to Divest Fiberglass Business to Nippon Electric Glass
Huntsman to Merge with Clariant
Hitachi Chemical to Take Over Share of ISOLITE
TopBuild Takes Over Superior Insulation Products
Armacell to Construct New Manufacturing Plant in Bahrain
Foundation Building Materials Takes Over Trident Distribution
TopBuild Takes Over Capital Insulation
Jackon Group Takes over ThermiSol
Recticel to Invest in Production Capacity Expansion in the UK
ROCKWOOL Adopts New Brand Identity
Firestone to Take Over Gaco
DMB Takes Over DBW Group
Beacon Roofing Supply Takes Over Eco Insulation Supply
Armacell Takes Over Nomaco's Insulation Business
Johns Manville Receives Pollution Prevention Award
Xella International to Acquire URSA
Luyang Energy-Saving Materials to Expand Mineral Wool Insulation Facility
Sika to Take Over Rmax Business
Recticel Inks Production Joint Venture with TURNA
PPG Divests Shares to Nan Ya Plastics
Dow Produces STYROFOAM Brand XPS Insulation
Installed Building Products to Take Over Trilok Industries
Armacell Takes Over PoliPex
TechnoNICOL Acquires Superglass
Hunton Fiber Takes Over Dansk Trfiberisolering
ROCKWOOL Introduces New Manufacturing Portfolio
FBM to Take over Winroc/SPI
ContiTech Inks Partnership with L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX
Cabot Partners with Johns Manville
Ohio Group Takes over Alpine Insulation
BRACE Industrial Firm Takes Over Advanced Industrial Services
PPG Sells Fiber Glass Operations to Nippon Electric Glass
Installed Building Products Takes Over Marshall Insulation
Armacell Establishes Manufacturing Plant in Russia

3M Company (USA)
Armacell International S.A. (Luxembourg)
Aspen Aerogels, Inc. (USA)
BASF SE (Germany)
BASF Polyurethanes GmbH (Germany)
BNZ Materials, Inc. (USA)
Cabot Corporation (USA)
Cellofoam North America, Inc. (USA)
CNBM International Corporation (China)
ContiTech AG (Germany)
DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies GmbH (Germany)
Evonik Industries AG (Germany)
Flachshaus GmbH (Germany)
Fletcher Insulation (Australia)
Flumroc AG (Switzerland)
G+H Isolierung GmbH (Germany)
Huntsman Corporation (USA)
Icynene Inc. (Canada)
Insulcon Group (Belgium)
Johns Manville (USA)
Industrial Insulation Group LLC (USA)
Kingspan Group Plc (Ireland)
Knauf Insulation Holding GmbH (Germany)
Knauf Insulation Ltd. (UK)
LG Hausys, Ltd. (South Korea)
L'Isolante K-Flex S.p.A. (Italy)
Masterplast Group International (Hungary)
Promat International (Belgium)
Microtherm N.V. (Belgium)
Morgan Advanced Materials (UK)
Porextherm Dmmstoffe GmbH (Germany)
Owens Corning (USA)
Pittsburgh Corning Corporation (USA)
Paroc Oy AB (Finland)
PPG Industries (USA)
Recticel S.A (Belgium)
Rockwool International A/S (Denmark)
Rockwool Ltd. (UK)
Rockwool Manufacturing Company (USA)
Roxul, Inc. (Canada)
Saint-Gobain (France)
CertainTeed Corporation (USA)
Glava A/S (Norway)
Saint-Gobain ISOVER SA (France)
Sealed Air Corporation (USA)
Skamol A/S (Denmark)
StyroChem International (USA)
Superglass Insulation Ltd. (UK)
The Lindner Group (Germany)
Dow Building Solutions (USA)
Thermafiber, Inc. (USA)
Unifrax LLC (USA)
URSA Insulation, S.A (Spain)
USG Boral (Malaysia)
Xtratherm Limited (Ireland)


Total Companies Profiled: 123 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 162)

  • The United States (54)
  • Canada (3)
  • Japan (5)
  • Europe (87)
    • France (5)
    • Germany (21)
    • The United Kingdom (14)
    • Italy (3)
    • Spain (1)
    • Rest of Europe (43)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (11)
  • Middle East (2)

For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/3j5gmp/insulation

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