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The Company's Remote Heart Monitoring System Represents the Future of Preventative Health Care

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2018 / Every 40 seconds, someone in the US has a heart attack, or approximately 790,000 annually. There is no cure, and there never will be. At some point, a human heart stops beating. There is, afterall, no cure for death. But there are ways to improve the quality and quantity of life. To lengthen it, to take charge of it. To prevent an early, unnecessary death. It is in this pursuit that Biotricity's remote heart monitoring technology , Bioflux was designed.

Biotricity, a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company dedicated to delivering innovative, biometric remote monitoring solutions, is on the verge of commercializing its flagship medical product called Bioflux, an ECG monitoring system to diagnose and remotely monitor cardiac patients. Bioflux consists of a proprietary mobile ECG monitoring device and an ECG viewer software package, that enables physicians to remotely monitor and diagnose patients with cardiovascular coronary heart disease by detecting and transmitting probable arrhythmias, as well as other diagnostic heart information.

Continuing in its mission to empower users to self-manage their own chronic conditions, Biotricity offers Biolife, a personal remote heart monitor for those who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Biolife helps users make lifestyle changes by combining medically relevant ECG data with social media interactivity and a lifestyle log.

This advanced technology both enables the individual to take control of his/her own life, and also provides the individual with a network of other users, an electronic social space of like-minded people who want to take direct control over their healthcare, and over their lives. The Bioflux and Biolifge remote monitoring solution can be utilized for early detection is an example of the growing shift in healthcare towards a preventative system.

As the average age increases, chronic diseases are growing at an alarming rate, creating the need for more healthcare treatment per patient--and for much longer. This has put an enormous and continually growing burden on on healthcare system, producing exorbitant costs. These costs will only increase in the decades to come. It is for this reason that advances in self-managed preventative health care is considered to as much an economic necessity as well as an empowering way for chronic or at risk patients to take an active role in their health choices. Though Biolife,

Unfortunately, there are not many clinically accurate tools tailor-made for specific chronic conditions. In this, Biotricity is one of the few companies on the forefront of this new medical mission.

The mission is going well thus far. Recently, in an announcement to shareholders, the company noted their recent 510(k) clearance for its Bioflux device with the Federal Drug Administration. This means that Bioflux will be market ready within the next quarter. Music , no doubt, to potential investors reading this article, who are used to engaging in a biotech stock years before ( if ever) its drug treatment or medical device will be approved, let alone commercialized.

"The FDA clearance is a monumental milestone for our company and allows us to bring the Bioflux solution to market and start generating revenue," said Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Biotricity's Founder and CEO in a recent press release.

Production run of the Bioflux solution is already underway. With large scale manufacturing already in place, the company is primed to begin mass production. "We are ready to hit the ground running," said Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Founder and CEO of Biotricity. "With our manufacturing infrastructure fully developed, we expect to be able to bring the Bioflux solution to market imminently."

Financially, the medical device company appears rather healthy. Recently, the company recently registered direct financing with existing shareholder, the proceeds of which are being directed at accelerating Biotricity's market commercialization plan, which includes on-boarding new sales staff, expanding strategic partnerships, developing the company's brand and corporate positioning, and starting sales of Bioflux. Recently, Mr. Al-Siddiq, stated, "Through their investment, our existing shareholders have shown confidence in the platform we are developing and have enabled us for rapid progress."

Looking towards the future, Biotricity is expanding its R&D effort to include Artificial Intelligence in its RPM platform to help increase and improve patient outcomes and detection quality while simultaneously decreasing costs. The company looks to utilize advancements in artificial intelligence to optimize its proprietary remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform.

"We believe Artificial Intelligence will form a mainstay of biotechnology, and Biotricity is developing a cutting-edge platform utilizing AI technology," said Al-Siddiq.

An expert in AI, Mr. Al-Siddiq writes for a number of publications on the importance and future of AI, with particular emphasis on its role in the creation of the "patient consumer". This new breed of patient will be armed with the technological and information-processing know-how to be able to both monitor and prevent a wide range of chronic conditions.

In an article for Inside Big Data explaining how AI could move healthcare towards a preventive system, Mr. Al-Siddiq asserted: "AI's ability to learn from experience and offer personalized and predictive feedback to patients and physicians is its greatest value proposition for preventive healthcare systems which improve diagnostics while catalyzing patient adherence through engagement."

Biotricity is not just another biotech company in Phase 1 of some commercialization maze that , statistically, will end in failure. While its CEO Al-Siddiq dreams big about the future of AI and the future of a patient-centered and patient-controlled--or at least more participatory-- healthcare future, the company is fresh off an FDA Clearance and ready to go to market. Investors looking for an exciting young company with significant upside potential might take a closer look at Biotricity.

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