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04.10.2018 | 13:00
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Predictim's new NLP and computer vision tech helps parents make informed hiring decisions when it comes to finding the right person to care for children and loved ones

BERKELEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2018 / Predictim, a startup participating in the elite Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator, today launches the world's first AI technology to draw targeted insights on an individual through an analysis of their social media footprint. By reviewing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, Predictim analyzes a person's personality characteristics, identifies potential areas of compatibility as well as possible concern to help people make informed decisions.

The company's first application is a solution to help people identify the most appropriate childcare providers. When it comes to caring for the people that mean the most to us, we want to find the best caregivers. With a few easy steps, a parent will have a better understanding of a babysitter, to identify the high-quality and trustworthy caregivers they want for their children, loved ones, pets and homes.

The typical caregiver apps and services people use today allow families to search for and find help, but they do not offer a full picture of an individual with just their simple review processes. The Predictim technology reviews a prospective caregiver's online presence to assess personality traits and behaviors which cannot be discerned from these background checks. The AI solution scans an entire online footprint, going back years in just minutes, giving parents deep insights and exposing potential risks.

According to Sal Parsa, CEO, Predictim, "The current background checks parents generally use don't uncover everything that is available about a person. Interviews can't give a complete picture. A seemingly competent and loving caregiver with a 'clean' background could still be abusive, aggressive, a bully, or worse. That's where Predictim's solution comes in. By analyzing alternative data sources, including the social media sites, parents can get a clear and complete picture of the caregiver and be more confident that this very important person will meet your standards."

The Predictim AI technology is backed by scientific research and its algorithms use billions of social media data points to discover important personality traits. The technology continues to learn and improve with every report to identify potential red flags and provide parents with critical feedback about caregivers.

Here's how Predictim's AI technology works:

  • Uses natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision to scan person's digital footprint and draw unique insights.
  • Proprietary algorithms analyzes a person's social media use and history, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.
  • The process is very quick. In less than three minutes after a caregiver completes the sign-up process, parents/guardians will receive an overview of the individual's digital footprint.
  • Reports reveal how the potential caregiver scored on several relevant personality traits, such as bullying and harassment, disrespectful attitude, drug abuse, explicit content online, etc.

"The most important thing on the mind of any person is the safety of their child or loved one," said Parsa. "Our goal is to erase worry by giving parents and guardians the necessary tools to hire the most trustworthy and reliable caregiver, piano teacher, tutor, soccer coach, etc, for their loved ones."

"So much of our lives are online now. How we communicate, what we like (or don't like), where we hang out, our hobbies, travel destinations, and so much more is all shared via social media. Whether we like it or not, we are creating our own digital footprints," said Joel Simonoff, CTO and cofounder, Predictim. "Our innovative AI technology provides insights never before available. It is going to significantly help people make more informed decisions in many different arenas."

For more information about Predictim's technology and applications for caregiver services, please visit http://www.predictim.com/industries/parents.

Media files, images here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EbJ9n-T3H691-b78JL8Om4QXAcCYlNI-?usp=sharing


Predictim is the world's only AI startup to harness the power of social media data and a digital footprint to help people make better informed hiring decisions. The Predictim platform can be used for parents and guardians to hire better caregivers as well as for the gig economy, human resources and hiring and lending and insurance. The company is participating in the highly selective Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator program and will be also headquartered in Downtown Berkeley. For more information visit: http://www.predictim.com

Media Contact:
Erica Zeidenberg
925-631-0553 office
925-518-8159 mobile

SOURCE: Predictim

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