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07.12.2018 | 17:31
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SEATTLE, December 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Underlying OpenEBS project reports >750% gain in users & contributors

(KubeCon 2018 - Booth S-34) - MayaData, the main sponsor and contributor to OpenEBS, an open source Container Attached Storage (CAS) solution for Kubernetes, announced the general availability of its commercial distribution called MDAP 1.0 - MayaData Agility Platform.

(Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/736824/MayaData_Logo.jpg )

Designed to simplify the deployment and management of stateful applications on Kubernetes, MDAP is a platform that delivers data agility through a comprehensive solution including:

  • OpenEBS, the extremely popular Container Attached Storage;
  • Litmus, open source chaos engineering for stateful workload on Kubernetes and;
  • MayaOnline, a SaaS-based monitoring and management solution for OpenEBS and Litmus.

MDAP allows each development team to run stateful workloads just as they run stateless workloads - without the risk, cost, or stress of approaches that attempt to marry external services or systems to Kubernetes.

Users like Cisco and Adobe, each of which are speaking in part about their use of MDAP and OpenEBS at next week's KubeCon, experience benefits such as:

  • Consistency across any cloud or on-premises environment whether using underlying cloud storage or existing storage systems
  • Multi-level data protection including cross availability zone awareness and the ability to replicate data to any local or remote Kubernetes cluster via a Data Migration as a Service capability
  • Per workload policies
  • <5 second set-up and initial configuration

Launched in early 2017, the OpenEBS project is now thriving with a growth of over 750% in users and in contributors in the last six months. Over 100,000 workloads are now estimated to be in production running on OpenEBS based on recent deployment figures. Common use cases include:

  • Easy deployment and scaling of Kubernetes toolings such as Prometheus and Elastic;
  • CI/CD using clones to develop against live data without putting the data at risk;
  • Data protection across clouds and multiple availability zones;
  • Providing a common experience that increases developer productivity while reducing the risk of lock-in.

"The CAS offered by MayaData provides users with granular control over the storage associated with individual workloads. MayaData 's MDAP builds on the growing momentum of its open source OpenEBS community," said Henry Baltazar, VP Research, Infrastructure of 451 Research. "MayaData's Litmus testing tools coupled with its MayaOnline automation and monitoring tools will allow innovators to rapidly create persistent container environments will allow innovators to rapidly create persistent container environments with the resiliency which production environments require."

MayaData is providing demonstrations at their booth S-34 at Kubecon and free trials of MDAP are available at https://app.mayaonline.io. The OpenSource community project OpenEBS is located at https://openebs.io/ .

MayaData Media Contact:
Nisanta Sahoo
4300 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 270
San Jose, CA 95129

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