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17.04.2019 | 14:37
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Landmark London conference to showcase the success of North American Cannabis Industry where 27% of businesses are led by women, and opportunities for UK business, with the European medical cannabis market set to emerge as a $60-billion-dollar-a-year industry

LONDON, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- North America's largest medical cannabis growers are convening in London on 18thMay 2019 ( to showcase the refreshing commitment to gender equality and pay parity in this booming, highly-paid industry. Medical cannabis became legal in the UK in November 2018.

Female empowerment in the fast-emerging global medical cannabis business is a big theme in 2019, with many predicting it to make a major impact in the UK workforce. American women are leading the way, already commanding 27% of leadership roles, according to Forbes. And Canada's biggest cannabis companies are starting to report comparable figures too.

Women are destined to play an even larger role in the industry as leaders and as legal consumers too. In fact, their numbers virtually doubled in the US in 2018, statistics show.

With the European medical cannabis market set to emerge as a $60-billion-dollar-a-year market, some of these companies are already expanding into the UK. As Britain's medical cannabis regulations gradually loosen, they will be recruiting ambitious, career-minded women in ever-increasing numbers.

The conference will offer an opportunity to meet some of the female power players and key influences who are shattering the glass ceiling in dramatic, ground-breaking fashion. Additionally, several leading lights from Britain's pro-medical cannabis community will be presenting poignant, uplifting messages. They include Billy Caldwell's mother, Charlotte Caldwell, and Alfie Dingley's mother, Hannah Deacon.

The equally important roles that women play as educators, doctors, medical scientists, and product innovators in this burgeoning global industry will also be important themes at this conference.

The following topics will be extensively covered by the A-list speakers:

  • How women can benefit from this transformative health & wellness revolution
  • How women are thriving in a new, highly-regulated industry
  • The many ways that forward-thinking cannabis/CBD companies embrace female leadership and mentorship
  • The secrets to succeeding in the medical cannabis industry
  • How to join this booming global business, which will soon be worth more than US $100 billion a year

Speakers at the event include:

  • Jeannette Vandermarel: A former ER nurse, Jeannette is the Co-Founder of The Green Organic Dutchman, the world's largest organic cannabis producer, which has a billion-dollar market capitalization and is expanding worldwide, along with being a passionate advocate for female advancement to the C-suite level of the cannabis industry.
  • Dr. Dani Gordon, MD is the CEO & Co-founder of, a double board-certified medical doctor, writer and speaker, a leading specialist in clinical cannabis medicine and currently consults with cannabis companies in the UK and Europe. Her expertise also includes Integrative Medicine, stress resilience, burnout syndrome, chronic fatigue and holistic mental health.
  • Hannah Deacon: Heroic Mother of Alfie Dingley, and Tireless Medical Cannabis Campaigner.
  • Donna Shields MS, RDN: Co-Founder of The Holistic Cannabis Academy, a leading US online education platform for medical practitioners and cannabis industry professionals.
  • Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, Dr. Janice Knox MD and Dr. Jessica Knox MD: A family of leading California-based specialists in clinical cannabis, with over 500 patients a month, the Knox family are renowned advocates for medical cannabis.

Marc Davis, CEO of Capital Markets Media, which is organising the conference said: "Attendees will hear inspiring stories of female empowerment in the workplace and will also learn about the many opportunities available to patients, healthcare professionals, and even investors."

Jill Swainson, senior vice president and general counsel for Aurora Cannabis, Canada's second largest medical cannabis company, said: "This industry is more progressive than the rest of the corporate world in North America, especially in the areas of gender representation, cultural diversity, and supporting the LGBTQ community."

Aurora and other multi-billion-dollar, NYSE-listed companies will be well-represented at the inaugural "Women, CBD and Medical Cannabis" conference with featured speakers including female A-listers from Canada, California, Florida and Colorado - the world's largest medical cannabis markets.

For more information, visit: Early-bird tickets are now on sale. The following day an additional Networking Event Retreat will be offered.


  • The Conference: "Women, CBD and Medical Cannabis" conference will take place on May 18th at the Hilton London Paddington Hotel (
  • The conference is being organised by Capital Markets Media, a Vancouver-based financial media company, with deep experience in the news media. Capital Markets Media works with the world's largest and most prestigious medical cannabis companies. Among them are the following NYSE-listed industry leaders, Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, Aphria Inc., CannTrust. Other unicorn corporate clients include HEXO Corp. and The Green Organic Dutchman.
  • The inaugural Canadian Cannabis Capital Markets Conference (3CM) was hosted at the Hilton City Centre Hotel in Frankfurt in October, 2018.
  • 3CM focusses on best-in-class publicly-traded cannabis companies, as such the conference will strive to engage, educate, and enlighten conference attendees, as well as an extensive online audience via our high-profile media partners.
  • Conference attendees will also hear all about the latest developments in safe, more effective, and entirely discreet cannabis and CBD delivery methods, including foods and beverages. They will also discover which innovative products are winning over virtually every demographic: from career-oriented women on-the-go to the fastest growing segment - seniors!

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