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Outernet Global Worldwide Co-production and Innovation Partnership with Technicolor Inc Paves Way for Future of Immersive Entertainment

LONDON, May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Outernet Global has announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Technicolor as they bring to fruition the world's first high capacity, immersive media space to a global city centre. Set to open initially in London in 2020, the multibillion-pound project is a revolutionary step in the creation of location based experiences at iconic destinations.

The Outernet is a global network of central city hubs designed to elevate the culture and commerce of the world's great cities through the largest, most immersive digital experiences. Technicolor merges industry-leading artistry with the most innovative technology to unleash extraordinary experiences for audiences everywhere and anywhere. The partnership unites stellar creative talent and leadership, who collectively bring top media, branding, property development, and entertainment experience. Together they will be delivering boundary-pushing mixed reality, VR, AR, and AI environments to the globe's ultra-high footfall areas - with a goal of making them into a powerhouse network of connected retail and cultural hubs.

The crown jewel of The Outernet London will be The Now Building - which will bring epic scale to storytellers and content providers via 360-degree, 8K floor-to-ceiling screens. Every day will be a new experience for locals and tourists alike, as the Outernet is refreshed with a rotating carousel of broadcasters and advertisers, video artists and live performance events, and exclusive digital offers and experiences. Because it's always on and never switches off, the Outernet aims to be a constant and timely source of news, entertainment, and immersive digital experiences to whomever passes by - an expected 400,000 visitors per day.

The partnership will be led operationally by Outernet London and Technicolor's MPC and The Mill.

"We're building the largest capacity entertainment venue in London since the 1940s, with the highest resolution screens anywhere in the world," said Philip O'Ferrall, Outernet Global President & CEO. "Our location at the very heart of this global capital is the perfect stage to launch this revolutionary new platform - which also includes a 2,000 capacity live music venue that aims to re-energise the rock 'n' roll pedigree of the surrounding Soho area, [while] acting as a catalyst for the next wave of reinvestment in this iconic part of London."

"Outernet is at the forefront of the global media economy, taking brand experiences to a whole new level," added Frederic Rose, CEO at Technicolor. "As a company that unites creativity with technology to push the boundaries of what entertainment can be, we're truly excited to be a part of this journey. Our partnership is a natural fit, helping brands to realise the increasing value of immersive media environments."

Concluded O'Ferrall: "The unique physical and logistical challenges of The Outernet London require best-in-class partners. Technicolor has an impressive track record of delivering future-facing technology and innovation. Inpartnership with storytellers and leaders across multiple industries, they find new ways - whether through virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, or beyond - to tell compelling stories and engage with audiences. This makes them a natural partner for Outernet Global as we roll out our strategy worldwide."

While The Outernet London is the first in a series of connected city centres offering this truly unique experiential destination, plans are already underway to develop similar sites in other global hubs, including New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Dubai.

About Outernet:

The world's greatest cities exist in a state of constant change. They play host to radical evolutions in culture, landscape and technology and reflect the dreams and realities of their citizens. The Outernet's global network of immersive, inner city entertainment arenas has been designed to capture the beating pulse and future-facing outlook of such cities.

The first Outernet opens in 2020 in the heart of London's West End. By 2020, two new transport systems will bring over 400,000 to the doorway of the Outernet. And every visitor, every shopper and every music lover will be transported by their own Outernet experience.

Outernet London represents a world-first, offering the globe's first ever city-centre, high capacity immersive media space. The jewel in the crown will be 'The Now Building', a live interactive broadcast environment that will boast 8k, 360-degree floor-to-ceiling screens which will enable brands and storytellers to share scheduled, short-form content and brand engagement.

The London campus will also boast a selection of entertainment facilities including a 2,000-capacity live music venue that will aim to re-energise the rock and roll pedigree of the surrounding Soho area. The venue takes inspiration from the iconic performances that have taken place in nearby venues such as Denmark Street, home to Soho's iconic Tin Pan Alley. This plan has been over a decade in the making, with the property required to deliver the vision taking over 16 years to acquire.

Outernet London the blueprint for the international roll-out of future Outernets globally. Plans are already being developed to open similar sites in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Dubai.

About Technicolor Production Services

Technicolor's Production Services Group provides a full set of award-winning services around VFX, Animation and Games activities, as well as digital video and sound Postproduction Services for feature films, TV content, advertising and video games. The Group's VFX facilities offer pre-visualization, asset creation, texturing, animation, rigging, rotoscoping, lighting, match move and compositing. On the Animation side, Technicolor offers solutions for the creation of high-quality Computer-Generated Imagery ("CG") animation. Through its Post Production Services activities, Technicolor supports clients from the camera capture on the production set through creation of final distribution masters. Approximately 8,300 people worked for Production Services at the end of 2018, including approximately 6,500 direct/creative artists. This includes talent and technologists at MPC, The Mill, Mikros and Mr. X.

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