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Kwame Baah Footwear: Ethical and Exquisite Handcrafted Footwear From Ghana Inspired by Childhood Experience

FORT WORTH, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2019 / Born in the impoverished region of Ghana, West Africa, George K Baah went from walking barefoot in the streets as a child, to attending university in the US and ultimately becoming an Engineer. Today he's living in Fort Worth, Texas and he's on a mission to help people back in his homeland with a new apparel company he calls Kwame Baah Brand.

The 2019 Sneakers Collection

Vegan Low and High-Cut Collection-Hand woven Fabric

Obaayaa Style (Currently in Women, but can be made for Men)

Ampa and Kwaaba Style, (Available in Men and Women)

Meniati and Safowaa Style, (Available in Men and Women)

Famami and Medaasi Style (Available in Men and Women)

Maakye and Maahye Style (Available in Men and Women)

Abrantea Style (currently in Men, but can be made and Women)

Leather Low and High-Cut Collection

Kwame-Asempa and Asempa brown leather (Available in Men and Women)

Yedikunim and Yaw-Asempa (Available in Men and Women)

Kwame-Asempa and Asempa black leather (Available in Men and Women)

Adomaba and Eyapapa black leather (Available in Men and Women)

Adomaba and Eyapapa brown leather (Available in Men and Women)

To learn more about Kwame Baah, please visit

Kwame Baah is a unique line of footwear that blends contemporary designs with traditional fabric from Ghana called Kente. Ultra-comfortable, Kente is loom woven cotton thread that is used to create stylish, durable and sustainable designs. Every piece in the Kwame Baah collection is handmade by artisans and all manufacturing is fair trade focused and equitable.

The sale of Kwame Baah Brand footwear provides a living wage for all Ghanaian artisans which contributes to alleviating poverty in Ghana. George has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new line of sneakers and hopes that the community will see the importance of his efforts and pledge money to help those less fortunate.

The Kwame Baah Brand line ranges from master crafted shoes made in fine Italian leather, to beautifully designed vegan friendly styles. The shoes are also surprisingly durable. Buyers have the option to choose from all black or brown leather high or low cut or all kente (vegan) high or low cut. Each handcrafted sneaker has a double memory foam footbed designed for comfort that molds to fit the foot. The leather ones have hand braided upper which makes unique. The shoes are made for versatility, suitable for a casual outfit or more of a dressed-up look. The prices are also very affordable.

Construction Detail

The Story Behind Kwame Baah Footwear:

Kwame Baah footwear was inspired by the brand founder's experience in Ghana. After remembering making footwear out of old tires, George Kwame Baah came up with the idea to couple Ghanaian aesthetics with contemporary footwear design. George Kwame Baah himself grew up in Ghana and sincerely hopes to provide a better life for his Ghanaian employees through the sale of this stylish, durable, footwear.

To learn more about Kwame Baah, please visit:


George Baah

SOURCE: Kwame Baah Footwear

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