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Uptown Network Announces 7 Key Steps of Success for Digital Menus

NAPLES, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 27, 2020 / With the rise of digital menus to the new standard of hospitality, the benefits to the dining experience are outweighing the industry's initial hesitations. Current innovative technologies are challenging industry leaders to update their approach to keep consumers satisfied and engaged, and iPad menus are on the same line. As customers notice more restaurants integrating this new technology, expectations for the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries are changing.

Tablet menus have been around for some time, but the problem early adopting restaurants had was with the product's ability to accomplish all they were promised by certain vendors. Fortunately, over a decade of firsthand experience has brought seven steps of digital menu success to the surface:

1. The digital menu company handles design, menu data entry and device updates.
Restaurants are busy, so there needs to be offsite resources that manage the technology to update menus and make sure everything is running smoothly. That offsite team not only updates holiday menus, seasonal specials and special events, but also puts in the time to research wine tasting notes and spirits descriptions.

2. Menus look like menus, not technology.
Guests don't want to feel overwhelmed by technology when they go out to eat. Customers should feel familiar with the menu, but also receive an enhanced experience.

3. Touch tracking that boosts revenue.
Understanding how many views or the interest-level that certain menu options attract gives industry leaders the insights to make small changes that lead to big revenue. iPad menus with this feature built-in are very beneficial at both independent restaurant and corporate levels.

4. Automate loyalty program sign ups.
Loyalty programs are great avenues to foster widespread brand awareness and show appreciation to your customers. Make sure guests can easily sign up for restaurant loyalty programs within the tablet menu. The digital menu should automate this process, even if the server does not mention it.

5. A support desk that runs on restaurant hours and has knowledge in the industry.
The people who answer the phone when you have a question need to have worked in a restaurant and they need to understand restaurant hours. Having the typical tech support agents on the other end of a support call simply makes it worse. Also, having people available 9-5 doesn't do a restaurant any good. They need to be available after hours, nights, weekends and holidays when restaurants are open.

6. Automate inventory to save hours for management.
Every iPad wine list should make it convenient for restaurant teams to ditch the old pen and paper inventory so they can start welcoming easy-to-use tablets. It will save time and energy.

7. Share menus via text and show real time website updates.
Food costs, changing demand, and menu updates aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Face them with confidence instead of dread by easily updating websites through your digital menus in real-time. Say goodbye to the stress of old content lingering for months and unleash your chef's creativity with this new flexibility!

Having 6 of these 7 capabilities is not enough.

All 7 need to be in place. Uptown Network, a company with a mission to make F&B professionals superheroes, has developed these capabilities for 100+ restaurant customers. They are having great success and would be happy to provide a reference. It's The Uptown Advantage: Great online reviews, social media lift, fantastic guest experiences, excellent restaurant operations and integrated sustainability.

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Media Contact:
Chrissy Serfass

SOURCE: Uptown Network

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