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Holaluz Ranks Number One in Sustainalytics' ESG World Ranking for Electricity Companies

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

  • The ESG Risk Rating is a benchmark for the capital market. It measures a company's social impact, system of governance, and environmental footprint.
  • Sustainalytics is the world's leading ESG and corporate governance research and ratings agency, and, out of more than 189 companies worldwide, it places Holaluz at number one amongst direct peers in the category of electricity companies.
  • The rating recognises Holaluz's leadership in the energy transition.
  • In the overall reckoning, the Sustainalytics universe, which collates the performance of 13,028 companies, Holaluz was placed among the top 2% of companies. In the utilities category, which compares 486 companies, Holaluz finished second worldwide. In terms of measured risk, Holaluz was apportioned a score of 12 which is "low risk" (scores of between 10 and 20 are considered "low risk").
  • The publication of Sustainalytics' ESG world rankings together with the financial results for the first quarter of 2020 reinforces Holaluz's position as a market leader, ready to help society overcome future challenges.

Holaluz, the green energy technology company which is listed on the BME Growth (formerly known as the Alternative Stock Market - MAB), has been ranked number one amongst direct peers in the electricity companies' category by Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Rating which analyses 189 companies around the world. The ranking takes into consideration a company's impact on society and the environment. Holaluz has been assigned a "low level of risk" designation by Sustainalytics. This reaffirms the strength of Holaluz's position to meet future challenges.

The analysis performed by Sustainalytics reconfirms Holaluz's leadership position in the energy transition. Holaluz was placed amongst the top two per cent of companies in the Sustainalytics universe (which collates the performance of 13,028 companies) and number two in the utilities category (which compares 486 companies).

Holaluz is a "low risk" company and was given a score of 12 (scores of between 10 and 20 are considered "low risk").

The ESG Risk Rating index is a benchmark in the capital markets. It offers information on more than 80 per cent of the total capitalization of the stock markets. Sustainalytics' analysis operates on two levels: firstly, it evaluates risk in terms of a companies' essential characteristics (sector, activity, public exposure etc.). Secondly, it evaluates risk in terms of a companies' management (transparency, governance, position on equality, etc.). The analysis, which involves 450 data sets and 70 points of variability, allows for the determination of a companies' level of risk which in turn lets investors make an informed decision as to whether to invest in a company.

"It is an achievement for Holaluz to be certified as low risk and be ranked top of the ESG's Risk Rating. It is a reaffirmation that we are faithful to purpose in all areas of our business. This is a milestone which, together with the positive financial results in the first quarter of this year, which saw a 22.8 per cent increase in turnover, make Holaluz an unmatchable proposition for investors that seek responsible and sustainable investments and want to help towards making the future 100 per cent green," said Carlota Pi, co-founder and president of Holaluz.

Holaluz takes further steps towards a 100 per cent green energy future

Holaluz was created with the conviction that companies should be tools to change the world. Almost ten years later and still true to its purpose, Holaluz leads the transformation of the Spanish energy sector thanks to its value proposition based on three pillars: 100 per cent green energy, customer centred decision making, and customer savings thanks to the intensive use of technology.

Listed on the BME Growth (previously called Alternative Stock Market - MAB) since last November, Holaluz continues to expand. In June 2020 the green energy technology company exceeded 255,000 clients in Spain which constitutes a very good response to the Covid-19 health crisis. By June as well Holaluz added the management of 1,879 photovoltaic installations to its network which represents growth of 57 per cent in relation to the first quarter of 2020.

Holaluz closed on March 31, 2020 with consolidated sales of 122.9 million (October- March) euros which represents an increase in sales of 22.8 per cent. The company's gross margin reached 9.9 million euros, an increase of 81 per cent on the previous semester.

Holaluz leads the transformation of the Spanish energy sector. It is committed to the new model of distributed generation; it stands out in terms of product and service innovation; and it remains committed to its goal of reaching one million customers and 50,000 photovoltaic installations by 2023.

About Holaluz

Holaluz has the goal of a world powered by one hundred per cent green energy. This objective is advanced by persuading people to switch to a green energy plan made with one hundred per cent renewable energy. On average savings of 12 per cent can be made thanks to the intensive use of technology and a people focused business strategy which promotes a trusting relationship with clients.

Created with the conviction that companies can be tools to change the world, Holaluz leads the transformation of the Spanish energy sector with a commitment to the new model of distributed generation. Holaluz is a benchmark company not only statistically but also in terms of quality and service innovation. It was the first electricity company to implement a simplified compensation package in the Spanish market with Holaluz Cloud, a programme that allows the deduction of surpluses from energy bills (in other words, the excess energy produced by solar panels that can't be consumed at that moment).

The company expects to reach one million clients and 50,000 photovoltaic installations by the end of 2023. Up until September 30, 2019, the closing date of the last fiscal year, Holaluz employs 188 people; and it has a revenue of 208.81 million euros and an EBITDA of 2.61 million.

As part of its strategy Holaluz is committed to a new business model which gives employees flexibility and autonomy to carry out their responsibilities in a way that allows for a better work/life balance. Examples of this approach include goal based tasks and easy scheduling. This holistic business approach has helped Holaluz close in on its target of achieving parity of representation in all areas of the company. This development has come about almost completely organically. (It has only been necessary to apply quotas for parity to the technology team.)

All of this has helped to make Holaluz the first European power company to be B Corp certified. This authorisation of social and environmental performance beyond profit is shared with 2,400 other companies in 50 countries. It reinforces the fact that Holaluz has had a positive impact on its employees, the community and wider environment. Holaluz is also the founding company of "Capitalism with a Conscience" in Spain, a philosophy that recognizes the innate potential for business to improve the world.

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