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Royal Philips: Philips spotlights new and enhanced vendor-neutral radiology workflow solutions and scalable smart connected imaging systems at RSNA 2021

November 28, 2021

  • Robust portfolio of modality and PACS vendor-neutral radiology workflow solutions supports radiologists, technologists and administrators with integrated, automated AI-driven informatics to streamline workflows
  • Smart connected systems improve access to data and support advanced analytics and reporting for all aspects of the radiology service, from patient management and acquisition to interpretation and referral management
  • New enterprise scalable solutions across CT, MR, ultrasound, X-ray, informatics and image-guided therapy increase diagnostic confidence and efficiency in precision diagnosis and treatment

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Chicago, USA -Royal Philips(RSNA) annual meeting (November 28 - December 2, Chicago, USA). The company's new and enhanced solutions feature an integrated approach across the imaging enterprise focused on critical areas to help meet the challenges facing radiology today.

Radiologists are often required to manage complex, disconnected workflows which negatively impact patient care and outcomes, staff experience, and cost. It is estimated that 20-50% of all radiological exams are of low value [1], while COVID-19 continues to compound the challenges facing radiologists, with 45% of radiology technologists and imaging directors reporting moderate or severe levels of job stress [2]. By taking a systems view of imaging and radiology, Philips is helping to meet these challenges with a portfolio of end-to-end radiology solutions, allowing clinicians to confidently offer early and definitive precision diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment while managing complex operational challenges.

New smart connected imaging systems reinforce Philips' leadership in sustainability
In 2018, Philips became the first health technology company to have its CO2 emission targets assessed and approved by the Science Based Targets initiativecommissioned by Philips, 58% of healthcare leaders expect sustainability to be a top priority in three years' time. At RSNA 2021, Philips will demonstrate its continued leadership in introducing innovative technologies designed to make the world healthier and more sustainable.

Philips Radiology Workflow solutions and smart connected systems unveiled at RSNA
Philips will reveal its new MR 5300, which recently received 510include the new MR 7700 system [3], designed to deliver Philips' highest quality diffusion imaging and advanced neuroscience sequences; Philips SmartSpeed [4], powered by the industry leading Compressed SENSE speed engine and award-winning AI technology [5], delivering fast, high-quality imaging for every patient; and MR Workspace with AI assistance, the intuitive new radiology workflow solution designed to empower technologists to enhance productivity and predictability.

Philips will also spotlight its enterprise-scalable systems in CT and ultrasound with the next generation of its CT 5100 - Incisivesystem, featuring the launch of CT Smart Workflow [6] and the latest release of Philips ultrasound systems EPIQ Elite and Affiniti, to allow comprehensive management and tracking of early-stage liver disease. In addition, Philips will showcase its recently released award-winning Spectral CT 7500, the latest intelligent system from Philips to deliver high quality spectral images for every patient on every scan, 100% of the time, to help improve disease characterization and reduce rescans and follow-ups - all at the same dose levels as conventional scans.

Expanding its leadership portfolio in image-guided therapy, Philips will preview the world's first spectral detector angio-CT solutioncombining the company's unique Spectral CT 7500 systemand its Image-Guided Therapy System - Azurion with FlexArmin a single interventional suite solution. It aims to give interventionalists immediate table-side access to these two key imaging modalities so they can perform procedures requiring both CT and angio guidance in one room.

"It's very exciting to be back at RSNA, both in person and through our robust virtual experience, presenting our newest advanced technology focused on patient-centric, sustainable and precise radiology solutions," said Kees Wesdorp, Chief Business Leader of Precision Diagnosis at Philips. "Last year at RSNA 2020, we launched our Radiology Workflow solutions that connect and streamline radiology operations across the enterprise. This year, we are pleased to showcase the momentum our customers are experiencing with those solutions, and to build on that success with our newest patient-centric, AI-enabled radiology systems and solutions designed to enhance clinical confidence and staff efficiency and strengthen our leadership position in radiology."

Year-over-year growth and momentum for Philips Radiology Workflow solutions
Philips' vendor-neutral Radiology Workflow solutions help reduce variability and staff workload, increase productivity and enhance the patient experience. Over the past year, Philips has seen rapid adoption and successful performance for Radiology Operations Command Center, a critical component of its Radiology Workflow solutions. The vendor-neutral, multi-modality telepresence solution seamlessly connects imaging experts at a command center with technologists at scan locations across their organization, to centrally monitor every MR and CT scanner within a network from a single location. These capabilities are further extended to Philips ultrasound with Collaboration Live. Earlier this year, Philips announced a partnership with Alliance Medicalto roll out a pilot implementation of Philips' command center across multiple locations in the UK. With an estimated shortage of 6,000 radiologists, radiographers, and advanced practitionersthroughout the UK, Philips is supporting radiology departments to deal with the patient backlog and growing demand - and a radiology workforce under severe pressure - to help improve the quality and delivery of services in both the short and long term.

Illuminating the path to precision care at RSNA
Philips will demonstrate its ongoing leadership in patient management and engagement with solutions that are fully integrated into its suite of smart connected imaging systems. Featured solutions include Philips Patient Navigation Manager and the new Philips Pediatric Coaching solution, using gamification and 'buddy system' techniques to prepare children and their parents ahead of and during their MRI procedure to significantly enhance the patient experience.

Philips' intuitive, AI-driven smart workflow solutions are designed to empower radiology technologists at the point of image acquisition for more confident, efficient, patient-centered care. In addition to the new AI-enhanced innovations across MR, CT, and image-guided therapy, ?AI-enabled smart workflows debuting at RSNA also include Philips Radiology Smart Assistant,designed to help radiographers improve chest X-ray acquisition accuracy with constant quality analysis and feedback.

Supporting radiologists with integrated, AI-driven enterprise scalable platforms for smart reading and reporting, Philips Clinical Workflow Management solution brings together worklist management - operational informatics platform is delivering results for health systems, reducing scan times while increasing volume and streamlining operations.

More information on Philips' newest portfolio of Radiology Workflow solutions and smart connected imaging systems featured at RSNA is available in this Philips RSNA 2021 press backgrounder.

Philips' participation in RSNA symposiums and webinars
Philips will be hosting two symposia with Philips executives and thought leaders during RSNA. A virtual symposium on 'Aligning enterprise workflows: Redesigning radiology around the patient' will take place on November 29 at 7:00am CST. An in-person corporate symposium on 'Enabling the digital future for the patient, the radiologist and the healthcare system' will take place on November 30 at 9:30am CST. For more information on these sessions.

[1] Kjelle E, Andersen ER, Soril LJJ, van Bodegom-Vos L, Hofmann BM. Interventions to reduce low-value imaging - a systematic review of interventions and outcomes.BMC Health Serv Res. 2021 Sep 18;21
[3] Pending 510(k). Not available for sale in the USA.
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[5] Adaptive-CS-Net: FastMRI with Adaptive Intelligence. 33rd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS). Vancouver, Canada. Dec. 2019.
[6] Pending 510(k). Not available for sale in the USA.

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Philips Global Press Office
Tel: + 1 978-221-8919

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