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HNO International Offers Immediate Solutions to Help the U.S. Progress Toward Ambitious Climate Goals

The company's hydrogen combustion technologies can reduce black carbon emissions by up to 85%; Its hydrogen-powered microgrids produce clean electricity to charge electric vehicles.

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2022 /

News Summary:

  • Black carbon is the particulate matter released when fossil fuels are burned and is up to 1,500 times more dangerous to the climate than carbon dioxide.
  • HNO International solutions such as hydrogen combustion technology reduce black carbon and enable diesel-reliant industries to accelerate their path to decarbonization.
  • The United States' rapidly increasing demand for electricity requires alternate sources to support the power grid and hydrogen-powered microgrids are one solution.

Full Story

As the United States government makes bold moves in the war against climate change, HNO International is offering hydrogen combustion technologies that support the industries working to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. These technologies significantly reduce black carbon emissions, which accelerate ice melt, alter regional weather patterns and absorb sunlight, converting it to heat. By using these technologies, companies can help combat and reduce the dangers of the unprecedented and dangerous heatwaves that are sweeping the nation.

Hydrogen-powered solutions significantly reduce emissions from diesel engines

Black carbon is one of climate change's biggest culprits - its emissions are up to 1,500 times worse than carbon dioxide emissions. According to HNO International scientists, diesel engines produce 66% of the world's black carbon emissions. With the government's stated goal of reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030, now is the time for industries, such as freight and transportation, to start embracing these technologies.

HNO International's leefH2 is a hydrogen generator that can be retrofitted to diesel engines that are prevalent in trucking, agriculture, mining, construction and other industries. It acts as a catalyst to help fuel burn more efficiently. Hydrogen-enriched air enters the combustion chamber and allows the diesel fuel to burn more completely, which improves fuel economy and reduces emissions. HNO International has found the hydrogen combustion process results in 50-85% less unburned fuel.

"Diesel engines are part of our way forward in the fight against climate change," said Don Owens, chairman of HNO International. "We start by giving diesel-reliant industries a way to cut their emissions in half and cut costs. This keeps the economy alive while we work to develop alternative solutions."

Microgrids can support the nation's increasing demand for electricity

Cumulative plug-in EV sales reached 2.6 million as of April 2022. Those numbers will rapidly increase as the infrastructure to support EVs improves and the automotive and transportation sectors respond to rising demand. HNO International builds hydrogen-powered microgrids that enable its transportation clients to produce 100% clean electricity on-site for EV charging. Benefits of the 22 kW to 1.5 MW rapid charge systems include:

  • Faster recharge that gets electric vehicles and fleet trucks back on the road in minutes
  • Transportable and scalable design
  • Ability to work independently of a utility grid enabling co-location at convenience stores and gas stations
  • A backup power source for buildings
  • Dual port DC Fast Chargers for convenience and speed

In the run-up to the U.S. government's surprise announcement of a $369 billion climate and tax package, HNO International had entered agreements with:

  • Helix Electric, one of the largest electrical contracting companies in the U.S., for the sale and installation of HNO International hydrogen appliances in microgrids across the country
  • Meron, Inc., an electrical construction company in California, for the integration of HNO International hydrogen appliances in microgrids installed in industrial facilities

HNO International is currently working with service stations in Nevada to deploy hydrogen-powered charging stations. The company HNO International also led the creation of the Nevada Energy Transition Coalition (NETCo), which aims to create commercialization networks to support the federal government's efforts to transition to a total hydrogen economy. NETCo members include the municipal governments of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas and the Nevada Franchised Auto Dealers Association (NFADA). The company hopes the government's move will prompt other businesses to take action and join the fight against climate change.

"I applaud Senator Joe Manchin and the Senate Democrats for finally prioritizing the needs of our planet," said Owens. "The evidence of climate change is all around us. We're relieved legislators are finally taking action so future generations aren't left with a mess to resolve."

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About HNO International

At HNO International, we research and develop industry-leading and patented hydrogen technologies and custom solutions needed to enable industries and communities to transition to clean electricity. We create hydrogen generators (electrolyzers), fuel cells, and all the necessary components to realize the promise of the hydrogen economy. HNO International believes it is uniquely positioned as a change-maker to help businesses stay ahead of government regulations, save on operational costs, and provide environmental benefits. Our experience in hydrogen technological components, such as patented, inexpensive yet durable, and highly-efficient PEM membranes for electrolysis, coupled with our patented hydrogen electrolyzer systems, makes HNO International a critical player in the global effort to transition to truly clean energy.


Media Contact:
Wendi Sheridan, Interdependence Public Relations
(215) 630-5287
Steve Neely, HNO International

SOURCE: HNO International

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