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Phonak Wins Three Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

Sky Lumity, myPhonak Junior app and Phonak SlimTM recognized for cutting-edge technological innovation in the hearing industry

STÄFA, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2023 / Phonak, a leading global provider of life-changing hearing solutions, announces its recognition in three distinct categories at the fourth annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. The award-winning innovations include:

  • Sky Lumity for "Hearing Aids - BTE" category
  • myPhonak Junior app for "Assistive Tech & Software - Mobile Apps for Hearing Devices" category
  • Phonak Slim for "Hearing Aids - Design" category

The awards were organized by Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) and highlight exceptional technological achievements in the hearing industry. This year's program featured numerous innovative technologies submitted by companies from all around the world across eight distinct categories.

Sky Lumity - our flagship pediatric hearing aid

Children spend nearly 90% of their elementary school day exposed to speech in noisy environments.1 This is why Sky Lumity (L) hearing aids incorporate cutting-edge technology designed exclusively for kids, prioritizing speech understanding in noise. With Sky L hearing aids, children can effortlessly engage with others, whether close together or on the move. These hearing aids feature enhanced connectivity, enabling children to connect to and explore the limitless possibilities of the digital world. When used with Roger, children experience 34% 2 better speech understanding compared to using hearing aids alone, granting them access to an additional 5,300 words per day. 3

myPhonak Junior app: empowering young users

Sky L hearing aids work seamlessly with myPhonak Junior, the world's only dedicated pediatric app. The highly rated myPhonak Junior app empowers kids by giving them fine control over their hearing aids, giving a sense of ownership and personal connection to their devices. Parents can also utilize the app to monitor wearing time, schedule remote consultations with hearing care professionals, and set parental controls.

Phonak Slim, elevating hearing aid design for enhanced comfort and style

Phonak Slim is designed with the modern hearing aid wearer's lifestyle and comfort in mind. With a distinct left and right design, the hearing aids feature a unique seven-degree angle for a contoured fit behind the ear, even for those who wear glasses. In addition to its ergonomic design, Phonak Slim offers a range of stylish choices with four two-tone color options, including Sandalwood, Silver Graphite, and Copper, all tastefully paired with Black.

This hearing aid is unique, elegant, fully connected, and powered by Phonak's innovative Lumity platform, offering wearers the perfect combination of style, comfort and hearing performance.

"The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards aim to acknowledge the individuals and organizations that transform groundbreaking hearing care concepts into reality," explained Dr. Robert Traynor, member of the 2023 awards program judge's panel. "Brands like Phonak are playing a pivotal role in advancing innovation throughout the industry."

Oliver Frank, Vice President of Phonak Marketing, commented, "For 50 years, Phonak has been unwavering in our commitment to providing the world's finest pediatric hearing solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our youngest generation. We are thrilled that our groundbreaking innovations for kids, like Sky Lumity and the myPhonak Junior app, have been acknowledged with these prestigious awards. Moreover, the recognition for the design of Phonak Slim reinforces our commitment to delivering not only style but also unparalleled comfort for wearers. It motivates us to continue our journey of innovation across all fronts."


1. Cruckley, J., Scollie, S., & Parsa, V. (2011). An exploration of nonquiet listening at school. Journal of Educational Audiology, 17, 23 35.

2. Wolfe, J., Neumann, S., Schafer, E., Towler, W., Miller, S., Dunn, A., Jones, C., Nelson, J. (2021). Evaluation of a Dual Adaptive Remote Microphone System. Journal of Educational, Pediatric & (Re)Habilitative Audiology (JEPRA), Vol. 25, 2021-2027

3. Benitez-Barrera, C.R, Angley G.P., & Tharpe, A.M. (2018). Remote microphone system use at home: Impact on caregiver talk. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, Vol. 61, 399-409.

Media relations contacts:
Florence Camenzind
Phone +41 58 928 33 25

John Urbaniak
Phone +1 331 204 2799

About the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards
The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards is an international awards program designed to recognize and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry. Since its inception, the program has helped raise over $25,000 for hearing charities. Learn more at

About HHTM
Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) provides timely information and lively insights to anyone who cares about hearing loss. Readers and contributors are drawn from many sectors of the hearing field, including practitioners, researchers, manufacturers, educators, and, importantly, consumers with hearing loss and those who love them. By involving all these groups, we hope to bridge the gaps in knowledge that so often divide them. To learn more, visit

About Phonak
life is on. Since 1947, Phonak has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with hearing loss. Seventy-five years later, our passion for creating life-changing hearing solutions that help people thrive physically, socially, and emotionally remains. By offering the industry's broadest portfolio of hearing solutions, we're committed to creating a world where "life is on" for everyone.

At Phonak, innovation is not limited to products. We work to change the conversations surrounding people with hearing loss. We do this by fighting the stigma of hearing aids and creating an understanding of how hearing is connected to the broader context of healthy living.

SOURCE: Phonak

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