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Advanced Lipedema Treatment: From Harvard to Healing: Advanced Lipedema Treatment's Dr. Aria Vazirnia Now In-Network With Aetna Insurance

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2023 / Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) is proud to announce that Dr. Aria Vazirnia, known professionally as "Dr. Aria" by his patients, has joined Dr. David Amron in offering in-network services with Aetna insurance. As one of ALT's leading surgeons, Dr. Aria's commitment to accessible, high-quality care is underscored by his extensive knowledge and approach, which is personalized to meet the unique needs of women with lipedema.

Aria Vazirnia M.D.

Aria Vazirnia M.D.
Harvard fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon Dr. Aria Vazirnia is now in-network with Aetna insurance.

Lipedema is a frequently misunderstood disease that causes an abnormal and painful accumulation of fat in the legs and arms, affecting an estimated 1 in 9 women worldwide. Despite its prevalence, lipedema is often overlooked by insurance, a reflection of the broader challenges faced in diagnosing and treating this condition. Addressing this gap, ALT's insurance team, leveraging decades of expertise, has vigorously worked to dismantle financial obstacles, advocating for equitable coverage.

Aetna's expanded coverage now provides patients with broader access to the ALT method, a comprehensive approach to lipedema care developed by Dr. David Amron. A pioneer in the field of lipedema surgery in the United States with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Amron has meticulously crafted the ALT method to offer treatment, prevention, and the highest standards of cosmetic outcomes for patients worldwide.

"Expanding access to effective lipedema treatment is a leap forward in our mission to prioritize affordable healthcare and support the millions of women suffering from this chronic and often misdiagnosed condition," said Dr. Aria. "It is my privilege to offer patients the opportunity to receive the best possible care under Aetna's coverage."

Dr. Aria's new in-network status with Aetna is a testament to ALT's commitment to broadening access to sophisticated lipedema treatment and elevating care standards in the United States. With Dr. Amron's pioneering techniques at its core, ALT is set to significantly expand its reach to those in need within the Aetna network.

Educated at the forefront of medical excellence, Dr. Aria's academic journey led him from summa cum laude honors at UCLA through an illustrious residency at UC San Diego School of Medicine, culminating in a master's degree in clinical research. He then pursued an intensive Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery Fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

Driven by a deeply personal commitment inspired by his grandmother's struggle with lipedema, Dr. Aria completed an additional fellowship in Advanced Tumescent Liposuction and Liposculpture under the direct mentorship of Dr. Amron. During this fellowship, he mastered the ALT method, Dr. Amron's innovative three-dimensional circumferential approach to lymphatic sparing liposuction for lipedema treatment.

"Today's announcement is not just a milestone in lipedema treatment coverage; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication at Advanced Lipedema Treatment to the cause of lipedema awareness and advocacy," stated Dr. David Amron. "This significant advancement is a victory for the lipedema community and mirrors the relentless work of ALT's insurance team, as well as the broader healthcare community's efforts to secure insurance coverage and medical acknowledgment for this commonly overlooked disease."

The Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program, exclusively available at The Roxbury Institute, represents the culmination of Dr. Amron's pioneering work and ALT's mission to provide exceptional care for lipedema patients worldwide.

To learn more about Dr. Aria, explore treatment options or schedule a consultation with a lipedema expert, patients and referring physicians are invited to visit

Contact Information:

Josh Heller
Public Relations

Krista Gugliotti
Public Relations for Dr. David Amron

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