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Gildan Activewear: World Environment Day Spotlight: Gildan Leaders on What Sustainability Means to Them

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2024 / With a longstanding commitment to sustainability, leading apparel manufacturer Gildan has had an ESG journey spanning two decades. This World Environment Day, we sat down with the leaders comprising Gildan's ESG Steering Committee, tasked with implementing and executing the Next Generation ESG strategy. As part of this strategy, Gildan pledged to make meaningful advancements against 12 goals under five areas of focus, each chaired by key leaders across the organization:

  • Climate, Energy, and Water
  • Circularity
  • Human Capital Management
  • Long-term Value Creation
  • Transparency and Disclosure

Today, leaders of the five working groups share, in their own words, what sustainability means to them and how they are contributing to a more sustainable future through their work at Gildan. Here's what they had to say:

Peter Iliopoulos, Senior Vice-President of Taxation, Sustainability, and Governmental Affairs

As the head of ESG across the entire organization, Peter Iliopoulos is responsible for providing strategic direction over the Company's ESG approach, providing governance and guidance as a facilitator and integrator of ESG across the business. Additionally, Peter oversees the Transparency and Disclosure area of focus, driving Gildan's goals of transparently sharing its ESG progress and journey with stakeholders.

"My work involves bringing together different functional groups within our organization, challenging them to work towards our ambitious goals that are aligned with our values, and communicating our progress transparently with our stakeholders. It is incredibly inspiring to work with passionate teams and colleagues who are always looking forward, and consistently bringing to life various initiatives to support our goals and encourage sustainability across our business." - Peter Iliopoulos

Claudia Sandoval, Vice-President of Global Social Compliance and Environmental Affairs

Claudia Sandoval has been with Gildan since 2004, the same year Gildan began its public disclosure journey. Having seen the Company's ESG efforts grow and evolve, Claudia now oversees ESG under Peter Iliopoulos's leadership. She also chairs the Long-term Value Creation area of focus and is responsible for pushing Gildan's goal of contributing to value-driven community projects in the regions where we operate.

"I am honoured to be part of a company that embarked on its sustainability journey years ago. Being in Honduras, at the heart of our largest textile manufacturing complex, where so many of our sustainability initiatives come to life, I have had the opportunity to see our impact on thousands of people and communities through influential partnerships and collaborations with community organizations. It is fulfilling to know that the harmonious co-existence of businesses, nature, and communities contribute to a sustainable future." - Claudia Sandoval

Juan Carlos Contreras, Senior Vice-President of Manufacturing and Carlos Duran, Vice-President of Project Engineering

Juan Carlos Contreras and Carlos Duran oversee the Climate, Energy, and Water area of focus to help achieve Gildan's goals of reducing its carbon emissions and water intensity.

"In addition to underscoring one of Gildan's core values, 'We Operate Responsibly,' sustainability encourages continued dedication to the environment, a commitment shared by all of us at Gildan. Even before the term "ESG" came into the limelight, we were actively investing in water conservation projects since 2001, measuring our GHG emissions since 2006, and reporting on our environmental efforts since 2004. It is rewarding to be part of a Company that is always looking ahead while staying true to its commitment of operating sustainably." - Juan Carlos Contreras

"Every day, my work serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to preserve natural resources and address climate change. By supporting Gildan's ESG goals through implementing energy efficient designs, optimizing our production process, and reducing our consumption of resources, I find it fulfilling to see the tangible impact of our work on the environment, in people's lives, and in our communities." - Carlos Duran

Israel Salinas, Senior Vice-President of Global Supply Chain (SMD), and Kevin Freeman, Vice-President of Product Development and Merchandising

Israel Salinas and Kevin Freeman chair the Circularity area of focus, leading the Company's efforts to reduce its impact on the environment through sustainable sourcing of raw materials and waste management.

"The crux of my work involves optimizing our processes and integrating sustainability in our operations. But what I find most rewarding is bringing together a group of wonderful people who truly care about sustainability and make an effort to embed it into their daily lives. For my team and I, sustainability is not just a target but a fundamental belief that drives our every action, helping us move forward to transform this belief into reality." - Israel Salinas

"The favourite part of my role is creating what I like to call 'evergreen products,' or products that have long shelf lives. Our teams at Gildan are always looking for innovative ways to formulate sustainable manufacturing processes, ultimately creating more durable, comfortable, and better-fitting t-shirts. Making products which can be used for long periods of time benefits our customers and also delays these products' end-of-life stage by keeping them out of landfills." - Kevin Freeman

Esther Hackett, Vice-President of Human Resources

Esther Hackett leads the Human Capital Management area of focus, overseeing the Company's health and safety and gender parity targets.

"In my work, I have focused on fostering a space where employees feel safe to engage and contribute to the Company's goals, something which has allowed us to garner their support in pushing our sustainability journey even further. The best part of my work is to promote Gildan's ESG efforts among our employees and facilitate the protection and creation of resources that can promote the well-being of people, while ensuring the continuity of generations to come." - Esther Hackett

To learn more about Gildan's Next Generation ESG strategy and goals, click here.

World Environment Day Spotlight: Gildan Leaders on What Sustainability Means to Them

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