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IMPACT Supports, Advances and Strengthens Cintas' LGBTQ+ Employee-Partners

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2024 / Cintas

Cintas embraces and supports its LGBTQ+ employee-partners in part through IMPACT, a Partner Business Resource Group (PBRG) that is focused on fostering engagement and collaboration between LGBTQ+ employee-partners and allies to help amplify their voices.

IMPACT, an acronym for Influencing Motivated Partners & Connecting Talent, was established in 2022 and has been building a foundation for the PBRG's continued success and growth.

"We're still in our infancy stage, and a lot of what we're working on now is a foundation that can be built upon," said Irene Cabrera, National Sales Director, at Cintas and President of IMPACT. "This comes from us having consistent communication, participation and support. We want to leave a strong base so the next generation who leads IMPACT has something they can continue to evolve."

IMPACT is focused on engaging new members, creating an inclusive environment, sharing stories and educating those internally and externally about the LGBTQ+ community and allyship. To accomplish this, IMPACT consists of three segments: recruiting, communication and education.

The first segment, recruiting, led by Lynn McKenzie, focuses on reaching current and potential employee-partners through partnerships and events. One example is members will pair up with campus talent acquisition managers and attend college job fairs and recruitment sessions to help introduce potential employee-partners to IMPACT and other PBRGs.

IMPACT has also developed partnerships with several organizations, including the American LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) through the company's sponsorship of NAGAAA's Gay Softball World Series, which IMPACT participates in.

In addition, the group is an official participant of Cincinnati Pride and has become a member of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

"Our partnerships and involvement with LGBTQ+ groups and organizations are important because they help us build connections, diversify our supplier base, spread the Cintas brand to areas we may not currently be reaching, grow our PBRG and support others in our community," said Cabrera.

The second segment, communication, led by Lynzi Patton, uses multiple channels to keep members informed and up to date on the latest information. The PBRG posts a monthly newsletter to its SharePoint, which typically consists of current news, partner stories, highlights of recent events and important facts and history on prominent LGBTQ+ figures and milestones.

Their group also conducts quarterly calls that all members are invited to attend and participate in and hosts an annual meeting where leaders discuss IMPACT's plans and the focus for the following year.

The final segment of IMPACT is education, led by Lauren Dershowitz, which is focused on both group members and those outside of Cintas.

One way IMPACT supports its members is through mentorship cards. Members fill out and submit cards that ask about their strengths. These are then made available for all members to access. If you have an area you want to improve on, you can find a peer with those strengths and connect with them.

They also educate people outside of this PBRG through shared stories and experiences, where members give their firsthand experience of how IMPACT has empowered them to be their authentic selves at work, shown them support and helped them grow and develop.

IMPACT's mission is to utilize its resources to foster engagement and collaboration for employee-partners of the LGBTQ+ community and allies to ensure Cintas is the employer of choice for current and future employee-partners.

The PBRG's vision statement is to be the top-of-mind, "must join" community for networking, outreach and education for LGBTQ+ employee-partners and allies.

As the group progresses and evolves, IMPACT and its leadership council continue to look for opportunities to expand, retain and offer a safe space for their members within the organization. This effort aims to enhance support for Cintas' diverse employee-partners, PBRGs, and overall business objectives.

"The importance of this PBRG, specifically, is to create a safe space for employee-partners that feel unrepresented in their community," said Cabrera. "Depending on where you live or how you grew up, you may not be able to be your authentic self. IMPACT plays an important part in letting our LGBTQ+ employee-partners know they exist, they are supported and they can thrive here at Cintas."

Learn more about IMPACT and Cintas' other Partner Business Resource Groups by clicking here.

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