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Henkel 2023 Sustainability Report: Thriving Communities

We actively contribute to people being able to lead a better life through our business and brands.

Originally published in the Henkel 2023 Sustainability Report

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2024 / We do everything we can to help people live better lives. Our social responsibility is to promote equity, strengthen diversity and respect human rights. We offer our employees lifelong learning opportunities, and an attractive and healthy working environment. We advocate for social progress and access to education worldwide, and we provide assistance in emergency situations.


Reducing inequities and leaving nobody behind - that is the key to meaningful social progress. This progress has been seriously challenged in the last few years. Global events have increased exclusion, intensified structural discrimination and hindered social development in the world around us.

We know that equity is at the heart of the solutions that can move us forward in times of crisis. This guides our agenda for the transformational impact of our actions. Equity is the link between different topics and the driving force behind a wide range of our activities.

Building a sense of belonging for people - with all of our differences - in our society and at our workplace is critical to fostering creativity and innovation. We all have to listen to different voices, and understand different perspectives and ways of thinking. Our shared path is to build a corporate culture based on trust where employees are encouraged to show initiative, think proactively and be open to sharing new ideas.

We embrace the role that companies can have as key players in reducing adverse impacts and promoting positive effects. This chapter presents the ways we are working to achieve both of these elements, and how we are making equity even more of a priority in shaping our decisions.


Education is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to enabling positive change. It enables people to acquire the knowledge and skills to lift themselves out of poverty, level inequalities, and stay healthy. Education and lifelong learning, as inherent rights and as a means of achieving other rights, are key elements that guide our strategy.

Continuous learning inspires innovation and creativity. Learning and development are critical elements of our daily work, but so is the opportunity to develop through learning outside of our core responsibilities. In contrast to traditional learning methods, we focus on innovative programs that take a holistic, engaged approach to learning, and that place a strong focus on knowledge, skills and mindset.

This key approach to learning starts with our employees, but goes further, to our customers and the communities we operate in. Our activities are designed to empower people with the skills and competencies needed to develop innovative ideas, sustainable behaviors and new digital solutions that will allow them to master future challenges and capitalize on opportunities.


These times of crisis have underscored the need to rethink wellbeing - including in the workplace. Wellbeing is becoming increasingly viewed from a holistic perspective that sees the physical, mental and social aspects as inextricably linked. That is how we understand it at Henkel.

Understanding the role that the physical workplace plays in determining our wellbeing is becoming pivotal in a time where the places we work have shifted. In order to create an optimal work environment that fosters creativity and supports resilience, we design our workplaces to better meet the needs of our employees.

Mental health measures continue to be an important consideration in the implementation of our wellbeing strategy. We also recognize the benefits of digital tools in promoting employee wellbeing and are making further positive changes in this area.

As our knowledge and understanding of employee wellbeing continues to grow, we remain committed to a holistic approach to integrating wellbeing into our corporate culture.

Learn more about Henkel's contributions to people being able to lead a better life in the 2023 Sustainability Report.

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